Wire failure Thermaltake CL-W001-PL00BL-A Pacific DIY LCS PT40

With recent failure of this Thermaltake pump my liquid cooling has come to an end. Just short of eleven years of running my computer that way. First started with liquid around December 22nd 2008. Don’t have cash at this time to replace broken unit. Luckily I had a standard air cooler from a previous CPU purchase or I wouldn’t have a working PC. December 9th 2019 is when wire finally decided to stop functioning.

Wire problem had been acting up for at least past year. Purchasing a new unit had been put off for various reasons. This pump / reservoir combo had been running for about 4 and half years. Purchased this Thermaltake liquid cooling hardware March 10th 2015 for a total of $94.54 from Newegg. I’ve never been a big fan of theirs do to constantly rejecting me as an affiliate – even though I have a good amount of computer building content. However I didn’t see many other websites I trusted offering a decent selection of liquid cooling gear at that time.

Pump was still working at time of failure. Although it had wiring gremlin that would have it shutdown on it’s own from time to time. The Pacific replaced Thermaltake SR200 pump that ran from November 5, 2009 to March 2015.

I recall reading complaints about Thermaltake PT40 wiring – I can’t seem to find those sources now. Unfortunately I don’t have soldering skills to fix problem. I’m unaware of any Maker or DIY fix events or groups in Springfield Illinois area. So until I can find money for replacement – I’m stuck air cooling. Which works but not as effective as liquid cooling. I believe one key reason my older hardware has been reliable is the cooler temperatures provided by liquid.

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