Deconstructing my liquid cooled computer

With recent Thermaltake CL-W001-PL00BL-A Pacific PT40 pump wire failure – I had to deconstruct my liquid cooled computer. Took me several hours to drain and remove tubing. This video shows what machine looked like after that process.

Just short of eleven years running my computer on liquid cooling. First started with liquid around December 22nd 2008.

Don’t have cash at this time to replace broken unit. Luckily I had a standard AMD air cooler from a previous CPU purchase or I wouldn’t have a working PC. December 10th 2019 is when wire finally decided to stop functioning. Pump was still working at time of wire failure.

Video starts by showing Thermaltake water block, ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula motherboard and other components. Then thermal paste on bottom of water block and AMD FX-8150 X8 CPU. Next is water block cleaned with paste removed. Moving back to CPU after it’s been cleaned of thermal paste. Finishing with AMD stock air cooler in place.

The stock air cooler is all I had laying around to get computer back up and running. Current temperatures are what you expect using air. When I ran air in past – I never used a stock cooler – always purchased a higher end unit. Thermaltake Big Typhoon and Thermaltake Frio Dual 120mm Universal CPU Cooler were models I put to work in several machines I have built for myself and others.

I’m concerned about my older hardware failing sooner do to no longer being babied by cooler temperatures provided by liquid versus air. Unfortunately I don’t have soldering skills to fix pump wiring problem. I’m unaware of any Maker or DIY fix events or groups in Springfield Illinois area that could offer help.

With my liquid setup I cooled CPU and a hard drive. My SSD drive wasn’t cooled. You can see cooling block for hard drive in video.

Recorded December 9th 2019

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