Car2Go Washington DC

A combination of quick videos showing Car2Go carsharing service in Washington DC.

Recorded April 22nd and 29th 2017 and April 28th 2018

Car2Go Seattle

Car2Go Denver

BlueIndy electric car-sharing service Indianapolis

GEM e4 electric rental Washington DC

Trikke rental Washington DC

Nissan LEAF all electric taxicab Washington DC

Capital Bikeshare Washington DC

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Share Now Is the Latest Car-Share Service to Fold

The Daimler- and BMW-owned service says it will leave North America as part of an ongoing shakeout in the industry.

Car-sharing service Share Now, created in car2go merger, announces shutdown of Seattle, North America operations

SHARE NOW is a German car rental company, formed from the merger of car2go and DriveNow.

Share Now, formerly Car2Go, is leaving North America

Car2go will shut down in North America by February 29th, 2020

Share Now/Car2Go ending service in North America in February

Car2Go car-sharing service shutting down in the U.S. after reality check

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