Christmas inside Denver Union Station December 2016

Christmas inside Denver Union Station. Recorded during my December 2016 visit. It’s not much of a train station anymore. Mostly just a hotel lobby. You can access Denver RTD from this location. Amtrak California Zephyr travels through heading East and West daily.

There is no lounge for Amtrak Sleeper Car passengers. Amtrak employee working counter when I inquired about that was rather rude. She acted like it was the dumbest question anyone had ever asked.

While waiting for late arriving train I couldn’t get anyone to wait on me – so I could order food. Even stepped into food shop and never had anyone ask if I’d like to make a purchase.

For all the raves about this Union Station and it’s service. I wasn’t impressed.

Keep in mind like St Louis Union Station and many others. Denver’s weathered some rough years before a developer moved in and refurbished it.

Recorded December 16th 2016

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