Bally’s Las Vegas Entrance

This is the entrance to Bally’s on the Las Vegas Strip. Most people aren’t aware that the Las Vegas Strip really isn’t in Las Vegas proper. Any property on the Strip is actually located within smaller municipalities. Bally’s is in the city of Paradise, Nevada. Harrah’s Entertainment is the current owner of Bally’s. I took this photo during my last night in Las Vegas. That night I put my 3 day pass for the Las Vegas Monorail to use. I explored many well known Las Vegas sites by using the various Monorail stops. Bally’s was in the middle part of that journey. I actually made the mistake of walking through Paris to find my way to the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas Monorail stop for Bally’s also allows you access to Paris. It’s a much longer and confusing walk through Paris to find your way out onto the street. Although the walk through Bally’s would be easier the amount of time would be close to the same. Do to the relaxed pace of Bally’s moving sidewalks at the entrance.

During my stay in Las Vegas I encountered the moving sidewalks in several different places. At least one other property had them located at an entrance. But I didn’t come across any others that gave you that old school Sci-Fi feel. As you enter Bally’s it would be easy to assume this was the concept they were trying to achieve. You have a moving sidewalk with neon lights around you. If I remember correctly as you get close to the main entrance you will ride up a more traditional escalator. Once you are through the main doors you will of course be on the casino floor.

Bally’s is located next door to Paris on the Las Vegas Strip. Across the street is the Bellagio with it’s world famous water show. As you wander into Bally’s on the left side you will see Bill’s Gamblin Hall & Saloon ( now The Cromwell Las Vegas ).

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