Things I’ve found interesting January 7th 2020

News articles and other stories I’ve found interesting.

Carlos Ghosn’s companions on escape included a Green Beret with a rap sheet

HS2 costs out of control, says review’s deputy chair

Val d’Isere: The doctor who hid a Jewish girl – and the resort that wants to forget

Carlos Ghosn’s network of influence made it ‘easy to flee’ Japan, say prosecutors

Not one Amtrak picture within the archive below. Even though it did offer service Decatur Illinois for a short time.

Photos: Railroad photos from the Herald & Review archives

A look back at Decatur and trains

‘Serious cyber-attack’ on Austria’s foreign ministry

Is Google breast cancer detection AI better than doctors? Not so fast

Australia fires: ‘Ghostly feel’ in Kangaroo Valley

Brightline Railroad Construction

It’s Called ‘Plant-Based,’ Look It Up

Florida neighbor calls 911 after mistaking parrot for woman screaming

Daimler recalls 744,000 U.S. Mercedes-Benz vehicles for faulty sunroofs

Buyers sue ‘Windy City Rehab’ stars for fraud, say $1.36M home is plagued by problems

31 photos from the Herald & Review archives

Google kills Xiaomi-Nest integration after user gets images from strangers

Does Weed Help With Nausea? Why Pot Settles Your Stomach

A cancer patient’s journey with medical marijuana

Lithium For Tesla Battery Uses Less Water Than 11 Avocados

Year of the train? Advocates look to restore passenger rail along Montana’s southern route

Short Extension of PATH Train System Seen as Key Regional Economic Booster

Boris Johnson’s silence on Suleimani assassination is ‘deafening’ say critics

After 66,000 CPS students missed 1st strike makeup day, many kids skip 2nd one Thursday — will more stay home Friday?

River North bar says woman was mostly responsible for sex assault

Photos: Illinois Terminal Railroad

Photos: Illinois Traction system

Here we go again: Software nasties slip into Google Play, exploit make-me-root Android flaw for maximum pwnage

Ghosn’s wife faces arrest warrant for perjury

Japan issues arrest warrant for Carlos Ghosn’s wife

Report: Ghosn to name people behind ‘coup’

Las Vegas Taxi Company Orders Hundreds Of Teslas

Are toxins in coal ash posing risks to nearby communities?

The Atmōs is an air filter for your face, if you can bear the bulk

Ikea to pay family $46m after child killed by falling drawers

British teenager has been given a four-month suspended sentence after being found guilty of lying about gang-rape in Cyprus

“The woman has said Cypriot police made her falsely confess to lying about the incident at a hotel – something police have denied.”

Elmwood Park marijuana dispensary to reopen Tuesday; Oak Park, Evanston dispensaries still selling

Deer hunts are coming to St. Louis County parks this fall

New lithium-sulfur battery could charge your phone for five days, researchers say

A new battery could keep your phone charged for five days

New lithium-sulfur battery could let phones last five days between charges

Hidden gems: 15 restaurants worth finding in Central Illinois

Checkmate: Decatur teen a whiz on the world chess circuit

Decatur bowling competition hot, but love of leagues rolls downhill over time

Reusable plastic shopping bags are actually making the problem worse, not better

‘Bags for life’ making plastic problem worse, say campaigners

Less Plastic With ‘Bags for Life’? Try Again, Campaign Groups Say

The Super Retro Champ Plays SNES and Sega Genesis Cartridges, Bringing Peace to Retro Gaming

Report Claims Microsoft’s Project Scarlett Could Be 4 to 5 Times More Powerful Than Xbox One X

There’s a Cleaning Kit Hidden Inside This Portable NES so You’ll Never Have to Blow on a Cartridge Again

The 20 Apple Arcade Games That Make It Worth the Money

Zero emission cars enjoy record year of sales

Ladue Market to close after 91 years in business

Messenger: The ‘historic renaissance’ of St. Louis leaves this neighborhood behind

Lead poisoning strikes second generation in Greater Ville

£18bn Crossrail line delayed again to autumn 2021

“Europe’s largest infrastructure project hit by further setback as costs continue to soar”

Japanese businessman spends $1.8 million on massive tuna

Another major US dairy, Borden, seeks bankruptcy protection

Is France’s groundbreaking food-waste law working?

Future of Food: This genetically engineered salmon may hit U.S. markets as early as 2020

California startups are growing meat from animal cells

I would tend to bet there would have been plenty of brownfield locations in Germany that would have suited building a new factory. Clearing a forest to do so seems counter to Tesla’s reported mission.

Tesla begins clearing trees at German Gigafactory 4 site ahead of groundbreaking event

Laying out a path to net zero

‘Exhausted’ London bus drivers could strike

Lessons Learned by Stepping Outside WordPress Comfort Zone

BuddyPress 5.1.2 Security Release

These women traveled 4 hours with 5 trucks of supplies to cook meals for exhausted Australian firefighters

Yes, you can cruise to Canada; and these women made the most of their adventure

Warmer winters put Minnesota dog sledding at risk

Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape in Los Angeles as N.Y. Trial Starts