Things I’ve found interesting January 10th 2020

News stories and other things I think are worth a read.

Germany cuts fares for long-distance rail travel in response to climate crisis

Introducing Cloudflare for Teams

Tesla driver charged with careless driving for flossing his teeth on Autopilot at 84 mph

Security on the Internet with Cloudflare for Teams

Web hosting Cloud services Domain registration Webdesign

Personally I drink hemp or traditional dairy milk.

Almond Milk Is Even More Evil Than You Thought Sourced from @nosilver

‘Like sending bees to war’: the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession

Announcing deeper insights and new monitoring capabilities from Cloudflare Analytics

Prototyping optimizations with Cloudflare Workers and WebPageTest

Ghosn ‘very comfortable’ after Lebanon questioning: lawyer

Seoul to install AI cameras for crime detection System will detect what passersby are wearing.

The Side-Effect of Trauma We Rarely Address: Loneliness Sourced from @nosilver

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Twitter suspends over a dozen Venezuelan government, military accounts

Cloudflare + Remote Browser Isolation

Accelerating UDP packet transmission for QUIC

Prototyping optimizations with Cloudflare Workers and WebPageTest Web Performance Calendar

Getting the most out of WebPageTest

Adopting a new approach to HTTP prioritization

Mexico’s president says will ask for planned gas pipeline to be rerouted

How one Iowa city is planning for a rising Mississippi River

Australian Prime Minister Morrison defends bushfire crisis response

Amtrak President and CEO Alan S. Boyd, late 1970s

Black and white portrait photograph of Amtrak President Alan S. Boyd; dates to the late 1970s

Alan Stephenson Boyd was a president of Amtrak

Mysterious repeating fast radio burst traced to nearby galaxy

Railroad photos from the Herald & Review archives

‘Nazis didn’t fall out of the sky in January ’33’: The Holocaust Museum’s director on warning signs of fascism

Space-baked cookies, ‘mighty’ mice back on Earth via SpaceX

Too drunk to board plane in Peoria, man locks self in airport bathroom to guzzle booze

Sacred artifacts held by Southern Illinois University Carbondale reburied with Hopi, Navajo ancestors

For these Central Illinois communities, post offices play critical role

5 dead, at least 60 injured in massive Pennsylvania traffic pileup

Carlos De Leon dead aged 60: Boxing legend and four-time cruiserweight world title holder passes away

Four-time cruiserweight world titlist Carlos De Leon dies at 60

Solskjaer to axe Lingard as patience finally runs out with misfiring Man Utd flop

Boyfriend hilariously reviews £25 Amazon sex toy saying it was so good for his girlfriend she ‘nearly killed him’

How sex toys got cool as the industry is set to be worth £27BILLION by 2020

I drunkenly sent sexy selfies to a pal – when he learnt I was engaged two years later he posted them all over Facebook

Fake ‘millionaire’ online lover who I never met scammed me out of £75k in just six months

Cutting the cord for live channels will cost you a bit more as Sling TV gets price hike

Greene County man pleads guilty in Walmart bomb threat

Fort Bragg’s hometown on edge as soldiers head to Iraq region

Plant your loved one in this egg and turn them into a tree after death

‘It’s a tragic moment:’ 31 Albertans believed dead in Iran plane crash

The Unlikely L.A. Story of the ‘New’ Bob Marley Found @marccanter4real

Sony Shocks — Announces Electric Car

Remembering The Sad Sharks And Dolphins Of GTA San Andreas

Florida fishermen reel in 13-foot great white shark

69-year-old woman on e-bike dies in car accident along Cantonment Road

Over 1,000 of T.S. Eliot’s letters to his lifelong companion are being opened for the first time

Actors, popstars raise funds to support victims of Australian bushfires

Australian fires: RFS commissioner not told of Scott Morrison’s call-up of ADF reserve

Salt Lake City needs some traffic-calming measures

Weight of electric car charging cables an issue for many people

Nissan product strategy chief shares how company will get back on track in Europe