Things I’ve found interesting January 11th 2020

What I have found worth a read today.

Lee and Andrea Rupnik purchase Luca Pizza

New Flexible Dining Service Launches on Amtrak Silver Star

Amtrak – Food Facts

McDonald’s: black executives sue over ‘systematic’ racial discrimination

‘Car Accident’ Or ‘Traffic Violence’? The Way We Talk About Crashes Is Evolving

A Decade of Urban Transformation, Seen From Above

See the BBC’s Vintage Instructions for Knitting the Perfect Doctor Who Scarf

Two black McDonald’s executives sue company alleging racial discrimination

McDonald’s pays ousted chief $675,000 in severance deal

It is Dolly Parton’s America and we are simply living in it.

China removes top official in Hong Kong amid months-long protests

Church offers little outreach to minority victims of priests

Conservative pundits tackle Colin Kaepernick over Iran tweets

Zuckerberg pens reflection on challenge of past and future as Facebook CEO

UK lawmakers agree on legislation to leave EU at end of month

U.K. Lawmakers Give Brexit the Green Light

Democrats, greens blast Trump rollback of major environmental law

Brazil judge rules Netflix must remove comedy portraying Jesus as gay

Paul Krugman: My computer was hacked to ‘download child pornography’

NY woman sentenced to 15 years for attempting to build a bomb for terrorist attack

Woman sues LDS church for reporting husband’s confession of committing child sex abuse

Turner woman sues Mormon church for $10 million for disclosing husband’s child sex abuse

Bloomberg won’t release women who sued him from NDAs

Man charged with murder over stabbing of Omani student in London

Lebanon imposes travel ban on Carlos Ghosn

UN investigators find Yemen’s Houthis did not carry out Saudi oil attack

Iran plane crash latest updates: Plane likely hit by antiaircraft missile, U.S. official says

US-Iran tensions live updates: Iran ‘mistakenly shot down Ukraine jet’

The House of Windsor: A history of royal rifts

Federal officials give green light to red bus lanes

Set with Friends – A Real-Time multiplayer online card game

Set with Friends

Google Play restores ToTok video calling app after spying denial

Germany Is Full Of Diesel Manual Chrysler Minivans And They Are Dirt Cheap

It’s Time To Let Go Of Commuter Culture

Japan starts study on imperial succession with LDP split over women taking throne

Japanese Grammar in EBNF notation

Why Poor People Stay Poor

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1962? Lucy, Dobie, Ozzie, Fred, Barney, Bugs, Beaver, Perry, Dennis… oh, the options!

Trekkies will recognize Joanne Linville as the Romulan Commander from “The Enterprise Incident.” She was the first female Romulan seen on the series! Located @MeTV

More shoppers, more shops: TfL stats show benefits of designing streets around cyclists and pedestrians

New York state really, really wanted Amazon — to the tune of billions

Pence Falsely Links Soleimani to 9/11 to Justify Assassination

Reporters from around the world get a look at Mars 2020 mission rover at Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The horn on this cruise ship plays ‘The Love Boat’ theme song

Horn on new Princess ship to play ‘Love Boat’ theme

Cruise Ship Plays “Love Boat” Theme on Horn

Royal Princess Horn Plays “The Love Boat” Theme Song

“The Love Boat” Theme on Cruise Ship Horn HD

The AI Cold War With China That Threatens Us All

Hot Property: Tom Brady looks to score in the Massachusetts housing market

Up to half of developers work remotely; here’s who’s hiring them

What it takes to power the Middle East’s renewables revolution

Yoenis Cespedes’ ankle fracture came during incident with wild boar

You Birth How You Live Doula Domino Kirke on why your birth providers are so important, and how to choose them wisely.

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