Things I’ve found interesting January 13th 2020

Some things I’ve found interesting and think are worthy of a read.

The Prisoner is a 1967 British science fiction-allegorical television series about an unidentified British intelligence agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village

Tesla driver charged with careless driving for flossing his teeth on Autopilot at 84 mph

Tesla Model S Crashes Into 50-Ton Truck Full Of Explosive Content

Video A Tesla CRASHED into my 50 ton truck with explosives! The Tesla got totaled!

I’m a bit confused by this statement.

“there’s no sort of bumper or crumple zone”

Front of vehicle’s design with frunk is a perfect crumple zone to absorb impact energy.

Illinois Medical Cannabis Shortage

HCI Alternatives in Springfield will suspend recreational cannabis sales for the day on Monday

Opening and closing sequences of The Prisoner

Krispy Kreme or Crystal Meth? Police Arrest Florida Man Over a Donut

Hundreds of millions of cable modems are vulnerable to new Cable Haunt vulnerability

The Magical Mystical Trail of California’s Route 395

U.S. Highway 395: California’s ‘mother road’

One of New York’s oldest bars – where Robert DeNiro and Ray Liotta celebrated the Lufthansa heist in the film Goodfellas and Mae West used to entertain punters with a song – is to close after 189 years. Neir’s Tavern in Queens will shut on Sunday as the owner battles crippling rent.

Neir’s Tavern, One Of NYC’s Oldest Bars, Will Close Due To Rent Hike

Suzanne Somers took charge of her health after cancer diagnosis and is taking on aging with new book

After My Name Is Earl, I started obsessively riding bicycles,’shedding an impressive 200 lbs.

Navy Pilot Who Filmed the ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Speaks: ‘It Wasn’t Behaving by the Normal Laws of Physics’

Navy admits it has secret unreleased video from infamous USS Nimitz encounters with mysterious ‘Tic Tac’ UFO in 2004

Samsung Galaxy S20+ leak appears to confirm its name and cameras

Home Secretary Priti Patel sends extradition notice to the US for spy’s wife over road crash that killed British teen Harry Dunn

Jillian Michaels Is the Biggest Loser The trainer is keeping “The Biggest Loser’s” toxic, fatphobic legacy alive

I believe it was their choice’: Jillian Michaels opens up on her departure from The Biggest Loser

New Jersey woman claims she got dirty diapers in Amazon shipment

Porsche Taycan 4S was recently recognized as “The Best Electric Car in the World” by British media outlet The Sun

Segway’s prototype wheelchair crashes at tech show CES 2020

The ‘640K’ quote won’t go away — but did Gates really say it?
Sourced from @nosilver

Did Bill Gates Really Say That?

Inside the Billion-Dollar Battle Over .Org

Alphabet’s Chief Legal Officer Stepping Down Amid Investigation

Beatles’ Penny Lane is set to get a plaque explaining how it was named after a slave ship owner as Liverpool plans new signs explaining local links to slavery trade

World’s largest volunteer force fights Australia’s wildfires

Exploring City Museum St Louis 2015

City Museum St Louis viewed from hotel room

City Museum in St. Louis to offer sensory-friendly day

Fate of Purple Line trolley in question as $24 billion sales-tax hike looms in 2020

Virgin Trains plan to replace St. Lucie River rail bridge finds support from Martin County

Virgin Trains expands in Florida. Will it ever reach Jacksonville?

Double down on FrontRunner double-tracking could lead to double-time travel

Amtrak crosses new Genesee arch bridge at Letchworth for first time

This farmer had a million-dollar hemp crop — until South Carolina bulldozed it

Tesla Sentry Mode captures vandal’s attempt to break Model 3 charging plug

No, A Tesla Did NOT Start The Fire That Destroyed 300 Cars In Norway

Why People Keep Falling for Viral Hoaxes It’s not because they’re stupid.

Champions League finalists Liverpool and Tottenham now worlds apart

Here’s what will happen to your Windows 7 PC on January 15, 2020

Academic research finds five US telcos vulnerable to SIM swapping attacks

This immigration attorney understands her clients. She’s undocumented, too

Open Floor Plans Are Trendy Because HGTV Execs Think Men Crave Destruction

Australia fires: Plants photographed regrowing in ashes

Young Americans Are Smoking More Weed and Less Tobacco, Study Finds

Oklahoma Sold $250 Million of Medical Weed in Its First 10 Months

Experts Condemn Keto. Will People Finally Stop?

Keto diet craze: Experts say it isn’t sustainable, so why is it so popular?

Prince Harry and Meghan: How could the couple make money?

Haruaki Saito: The uplifting power of traditional Irish music

Help Protect Sarasota County’s Sea Turtles

Turtles on Little Sarasota Bay restaurant and bar

A turtle on train tracks

Did this tortoise really save the species? Since he was only sperm donor and father of offspring – there isn’t biodiversity. Maybe I’m wrong – but lack of diversity normally isn’t good for long term survival of any species.

This playboy tortoise had so much sex he saved his entire species. Now he’s going home

Diego, the Tortoise Whose High Sex Drive Helped Save His Species, Retires

Diego the tortoise saved his species and is now retiring

Australia is dropping thousands of veggies from helicopters for hungry animals escaping bushfires

Iran plane crash: Ukrainian jet was ‘unintentionally’ shot down

2 U.S. Troops Killed By Taliban Bomb In Southern Afghanistan

Brazil’s state-owned firm Dataprev fires hundreds of staff ahead of privatization

Secrets of the Gamecube GBA Link Cable Punching Weight
Sourced from @KurtWerstein

Virginia’s $3.7 billion rail plan called a ‘game changer.’ Here’s what we know about it.

Iowa woman who fostered more than 600 children says she loved them ‘like they were my own’

Los Angeles Rethinks Taxis as Uber and Lyft Dominate the Streets

Iran’s sole female Olympic medalist says she’s defected

Ontario government apologizes for alert about Pickering nuclear plant incident sent ‘in error’

Hong Kong Denies Entry to Human Rights Watch Director, Group Says

Amazon’s New Rationale For Working With Big Oil: Saving the Planet

The great dismantling of America’s national parks is under way

10 Most Anticipated Games of 2020

Exeter Synagogue arsonist Tristan Morgan kept in hospital

US courts rule for border walls both public and private

Iranian missile likely caused Ukraine plane crash, Pompeo says; Ukraine gets access to black box

Twitter suspends over a dozen Venezuelan government, military accounts

Iran denies that missile brought down Ukrainian airliner despite Canadian, U.S. assertions

Gutenberg 7.2 Adds Long-Awaited Multi-Button Block and Gallery Image Size Option

Prosecutors say judge too lenient on man who plotted bombing

Jeffrey Epstein: Jail CCTV erased by ‘technical errors’

Bowling Riley takes 6-pin lead over Walker into RTT Day 2

The Salt Lake Temple is being decommissioned. Here’s what that means

Springfield Illinois bowling Round the Town: McWethy rolls to lead as 12x RTT champ Rokita looms

Karyn Turk, MAGA media personality, sentenced to a month in prison for social security fraud

Protesters avoid trampling US, Israeli flags during march in Iran

US Held Off on Tariffs while Argentina Reviewed Trump Trademarks

Canadian officials arrive in Iran amid PS752 investigation — with more on the way

13 Investigates: Millions of vehicles have unexpected, dangerous front blind zone

Harry and Meghan: An unprecedented family summit, questions about Canada’s role and a rift with Prince William

Body of missing 29-year-old Ashley Manning found in U-Haul truck

Video: Massive fire consumes several buildings in New Jersey town