Things I’ve found interesting January 21st 2020

Today’s offerings of things I have found interesting and worth a read.

Is The Rivian ‘Tank Turn’ A Useful Feature Or A Party Trick?
Sourced from @RivianChat

Rivian takes over Uptown Normal Illinois

Is the Rivian Tank Turn Just a PARTY TRICK? video

New Jersey Passes Landmark EV Legislation Including $5,000 Rebate

Jeep Confirms All-Electric Rock Crawlers Are Coming

As expected, USBC extends contract of Executive Director Chad Murphy through end of 2024 An article from @JeffRichgels

Citrix rolls out patches for critical ADC vulnerability exploited in the wild

Your waist size may be more important than weight for multiple heart attack risk

US looks into over 100 complaints of Tesla cars suddenly accelerating and crashing

Mitsubishi Electric data likely compromised in massive cyberattack blamed on Chinese group

Amtrak Non Grata at Transit Center

Forget about trains. The national rail operator can’t even get a bus into the “Grant Central Station of the West”?

A Tour of the Transbay Train Box

If Madrid and Barcelona can build a high-speed rail connection, why can’t Toronto and Montreal

Amtrak To Drop $25,000 Ticket Price For 2 Wheelchair Users After Complaints

Behind the Gains in U.S. Public Transit Ridership

Missoula County to draft resolution for regional rail authority in push for passenger route

Prince’s estate quietly dismisses wrongful-death claims

Legal settlements likely in wrongful-death suits.

13 Photos of Decatur’s Joyland Amusement Park

55 YEARS LATER, GAME GOES ON dice game Bunco

These Decatur women started playing the game in 1965. They’re still at it.

Bunco (also Bunko or Bonko) is a parlour game generally played with twelve or more players

Live Line Demos 2013 Illinois State Fair

At Decatur training area, students learn lesson about danger of downed lines

Law Enforcement Officials Argue Rural Homeless Services Worsen Problem

66 Motel Flagstaff, Ariz. Building A New Community For The Rural Homeless

Titanic Wreckage Now Protected Under U.S.-U.K. Deal That Was Nearly Sunk

The Titanic will be protected by a treaty between US and UK

Australian bushfires scathe sanctuary for rare bee species

Australian Coal Company Says Bush-Fire Smoke Is Slowing Production

Face masks becoming scarce in China

Speaking at Davos, Greta Thunberg says that the worldwide environmental movement sparked by her school strike is only the “very beginning” in the fight against global warming.

Social mobility in decline in Britain, official survey finds

American voters worry they can’t spot misleading information, poll finds

Netflix to stream Studio Ghibli anime globally — with exception of Japan and North America

Tokyo to get major e-sports hub in Akihabara

Disney+ is coming to Europe a week sooner than expected

Disney+ to launch a week earlier than planned in the UK

For generations, the Hezhen people of China have passed down the ancient craft of making garments from the skin of fish

Hong Kong scientists warn of ‘super spreader’ disease in Wuhan, say more than 1,300 infected

China is trying to stop the spread of a deadly new virus at the worst possible time of year

Coronavirus explained: What you need to know

Should a teacher report a pupil for Extinction Rebellion activism?

Malaysia has sent back tons of plastic waste to rich countries, saying it won’t be their ‘garbage dump’

Thai court acquits opposition party of sedition charge

‘PigeonBot’ unveiled and can bend its wings like a real bird

James Dean revival spurs debate on raising the digital dead

‘Target Tori’ receives over $30K in donations after angry customer’s tweet backfires

‘Target Tori’ Receives Over $30K in Donations After Customer Complaint Goes Viral

Delonte West beaten up in video sparking worry among basketball peers

Delonte West Started Street Fight with Glass Bottle Attack, Witness Tells Cops

Google CEO Sundar Pichai: This is why AI must be regulated

The sorry state of US dental insurance led to the rise of direct-to-consumer orthodontia

Africa’s Richest Woman Is Barred From Her Bank and Under Investigation

NHS faces huge clinical negligence legal fees bill

China sentences ex-boss of Interpol to 13 years for bribes

Looks like the party’s over, folks: Global PC sales set to shrink as Windows 10 upgrade cycle tails off, says Gartner

Japan’s sole doll museum unveils collection of more than 5,000 items

A ‘who would’ve thought it’ moment: Brian May unveils Royal Mint’s Queen coin

Harry Belafonte: To realize Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, white America needs to change course

Watch Robert Kennedy’s moving remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr.

WATCH: Trump, facing backlash over reported shithole comments, honors MLK Day

Could this plan make Facebook obsolete?

Who do you recognize in these 31 photos from the Herald & Review archives?

Recognize this? Remembering Decatur people and places

Looking back at Decatur’s Eldorado Street through the years

Weed World vans around NYC are selling phony marijuana pops that don’t contain cannabis

1967 Shelby GT500 Barn Find and Appraisal That Buyer Uses To Pay Widow – Price Revealed

American’s First Boeing B767-200 is Scrapped Found @nosilver

Blocksy WordPress Theme Provides a Solid Block-Editor Experience

High winds topple semi-truck pulling 2 trailers in Effingham County, police say

Woman gang raped in Plymouth in 1978 wants attackers to face justice

“Apparently, every single trial that has been held in the Senate has had witnesses. And public sentiment seems to be strongly in favor of having witnesses,” says @nyulaw professor @rgoodlaw

Ri Son Gwon, North Korea new foreign minister has hardline reputation

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