Things I’ve found interesting January 22nd 2020

Have a look at news and other stories I found interesting today.

Was Bitcoin Created by This International Drug Dealer? Maybe!

The search for Satoshi Nakamoto has led down many rabbit holes. I went down another: the case of global criminal mastermind Paul LeRoux.

A baby gorilla is born at L.A. Zoo, the first in over 20 years

Cuban tourism sector braces for further drop in U.S. visitors

Garneau promotes ‘Don’t text and drive’ campaign in memory of Australian cyclist

Safercar National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Tesla Sudden Unintended Acceleration Date Investigation Opened: JAN 13, 2020

Tesla Cybertruck is ‘incredibly cheap’ to bring to production, says manufacturing expert

Tesla, SpaceX confirm Model X will be official ride of astronauts

Tesla Model X splits in half after blindsided by Nissan GT-R, Tesla driver walks away unscathed

This is not first instance of a Tesla vehicle in a crash splitting in half. My memory is that they stated they would look into reinforcing things to try and prevent this in future crashes after first incident years ago.

From looks of photos – it’s a good thing there were no backseat passengers.

How a Kaggle Grandmaster cheated in $25,000 AI contest with hidden code – and was fired from dream SV job

NHTSA Tesla Model X crash test videos highlight safety-first design
Posted on June 13, 2017

Tesla Model X saves family and pet after being struck at an intersection

Ministers launch financial wellbeing scheme to help savers

Resolution supporting retirement of three coal-fired CWLP plants emerges

Four die as storm sweeps across Spain

Nishiki carp is becoming a popular status symbol among the wealthy in Asian and western countries

Royal Caribbean cruise line says Indiana grandfather leaned out window, so he knew it was open before his granddaughter’s fall

Royal Caribbean MS Vision of the Seas docked loading Pier 66 Seattle July 27, 2010

Royal Caribbean blames ‘reckless’ grandfather in Chloe Wiegand’s death

Dozens of doughnuts spill onto roadway, and video shows Wheaton cops shoveling ’em up

Women suing Riot Games may deserve $400 million, not $10 million, state regulator says

Follow the Red Brick Road: Baltic Gothic Architecture

How to Make Homemade Ramen Noodles

L.A. announced more ‘sensitive’ cleanups for homeless camps. Now it’s taking a harder line

Weeks into legal cannabis, some south suburban police departments have ‘more questions than answers’ on enforcement

Recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois, but applications for medical marijuana cards are up. Here’s why.

Make 2020 the Year of Less Sugar

High school students in Palos Heights tried to get a vacant Dominick’s store redeveloped. Instead, they’re getting a lesson in corporate gamesmanship

Chinese coronavirus outbreak has reached U.S. shores, CDC says

O’Hare to begin screening passengers from Wuhan, China, as deadly coronavirus reaches US

Screening measures initiated at Vancouver airport for China coronavirus outbreak

Trump says he hates corruption. But he wants to make bribery easier worldwide

De Niro calls out ‘blatant abuse of power’ in SAG acceptance speech

Lord Mayor of London

Legal cannabis recreational sales at Illinois Supply and Provisions ( formerly HCI ) are causing downtown parking headaches

Springfield City Council approves on-site consumption for downtown dispensary

MLB Will No Longer Drug Test Baseball Players for cannabis

WinWorld: online museum of vintage, abandoned, and pre-release software

My 13-Year-Old Son Wants Me to Buy Him a Sex Toy Should I?

Robberies up sharply in Chicago’s swanky Near North Side, raising residents’ concerns

Marijuana arrests in Chicago’s largest suburbs dropped sharply in the years leading up to legal weed

Joliet officer faces drunken driving charge after Berwyn officer who was her passenger dies in I-55 crash

Medline Industries in Waukegan forced to temporarily close as it works to meet new ethylene oxide rules

Illinois secretary of state’s office blames programming error for registering more than 500 voters who said they weren’t citizens

New Taco Bell manager salary: $100K a year. The fast-food chain says it’s ‘testing’ that pay level at some restaurants

Malaysia sends back trash, says it won’t be the ‘rubbish dump of the world’

Magnitude 3.6 earthquake in Granada Hills shakes up L.A. region

Psychologist who waterboarded self-proclaimed 9/11 plotter says, ‘I would do it again

L.A. County supervisors approve subpoena authority in power struggle with sheriff

Deputy gangs have survived decades of lawsuits and probes. Can the FBI stop them?

Saudi crown prince sent Jeff Bezos a video file. Bezos’ phone was soon gushing data

Texas Republican Party Officially Endorses Cannabis Decriminalization

Texas GOP Signals New Era on Marijuana at State Convention

Calls for unity amid political discord mark St. Louis observance of MLK Day

If Russia Hacked Burisma, Brace for the Leaks to Follow

‘The streets are more alive’: Ghent readers on a car-free city centre

Electric Bike Bicycles Electric Foldable Recumbent Tricycle Motocross Bikes Scooters

E-bike brands look to powersport dealers to reach dirt bike enthusiasts — and more

Park Service disbands e-bike advisory group over secret lobbying concerns

Advocacy group: Delay in bill signing discriminatory against New York City delivery workers

Experts: Wagyu gene is intellectual property

Trump administration planning to crack down on ‘birth tourism’

I wrote about the 100-year struggle to quit sugar and why brands are still so addicted to the white stuff

Microsoft discovers new sLoad 2.0 (Starslord) malware

sLoad malware gangs makes a comeback after having operations exposed last month.

Multi-stage downloader Trojan sLoad abuses BITS almost exclusively for malicious activities – Microsoft Security

In enterprise attack wave, NetWire Trojan now buries itself in disk image files

Enterprise companies are being targeted by a business email scam harnessing the Trojan.

Amazon brings AWS Outposts to 7 new regions

Sonos won’t update its oldest speakers anymore

This puffer jacket shuns down. Instead it’s filled with flowers