Things I’ve found interesting January 25th 2020

Stuff I have found interesting and feel worthy of being shared.

These Fridges Won’t Dispense Filtered Water Unless You Pay Extra for ‘Official’ Filters With RFID Chips

Bought a new GE fridge. Found out later it will only dispense ice/water with a $50 filter that must be changed every six months

Loop Trolley gets a thumbs-down from Bi-State commissioners

Delmar Forest Park Loop Trolley test run August 31st 2018

Loop Trolley to shut down Dec. 29 as Bi-State weighs reviving it

Tesla Gigafactory 4 site search resulted in finding 25 unexploded WWII bombs

Maybe if they had found and used an available brownfield instead of destroying a forest to make new factory – they wouldn’t have ran into this volatile – possibly explosive history.

All Aboard Air Koryo, North Korea’s Fleet of Ancient Soviet Planes

Sonos Will Soon End Software Support for Its Older Speakers

Nostalgic Photos of SF Show the City Before Gentrification

How AI Will Turn Us All Into Filmmakers

Scientists Made a Nearly Invincible Lithium-Ion Battery

All the Ways Facebook Tracks You—and How to Limit It

Facebook and YouTube moderators sign PTSD disclosure

Teenagers campaign for ‘traffic light’ labels on food packaging

George Takei: The ‘Star Trek’ vision was hopeful. Trump’s is the mirror image.

Violating People’s Rights Is Not the Way to Address the Coronavirus

China aims to build a hospital for virus coronavirus victims in 10 days

World Bank chief’s Davos snub dashes hopes of climate consensus

Chapman University, Orange Unified School District ink $3.7M deal for historic schoolhouse

Female impeachment managers say American public know a ‘rigged’ trial when they see one

I wouldn’t be so sure of this. History has shown in my opinion that most people are pretty clueless to point of stupidity. Especially if who they perceive to be a victim rants and raves their own ideology.

Elon Musk: Tesla is going to build Gigafactory 4 in ‘Berlin area’

Tesla’s Autopilot conquers intimidating highway and inner city trip with ease

As We Get Closer And Closer To The EU Requiring ContentID Everywhere, More Abuses Of ContentID Exposed

Porsche’s first Super Bowl ad in 23 years is for the electric Taycan

Why Mainstream Seattle Is Not Mentioning Race in the 3rd and Pine Mass Shooting

Keep in mind these shootings are NOT a recent event. They were taking place downtown before, during and after the Gnomedex days in Seattle. During my visits to the city in years past. I have seen hand to hand drug sale go down. Open drug use around corner from a facility that is supposed to help those in need. Granted Occidental Square is a known area with issues.

During one Gnomedex year – a shooting happened on corner entrance to Pike Place Market across street from Deja Vu. I’d tell you story about the crackhead who stayed at Edgewater Hotel who loved hanging out at “The VU”. But can’t for life of me remember name of company he worked for. Although I know it’s general location. I’m now thinking it was Real Networks.

Here is some information on what I think was Real Networks location at that time

Our Summer in Belltown

“The now truly venerable Old Spaghetti Factory anchors the scene, but it’s framed by the Real Networks headquarters and the new park.”

Hand to hand drug deal took place took place around this area.

RealNetworks Unveils Location of Its New Headquarters Office in Seattle

Downtown Seattle businesses and employees scared, frustrated after latest shooting

Seattle Police: Two men wanted in downtown shooting that killed 1, injured 7 others

Mass shooting a costly wake-up call for Seattle leaders

Seattle has repeatedly sought to curb crime downtown, but hasn’t stopped sporadic violence

Where was the Real World in Seattle Revisited October 2015

Taking a ride on Seattle Monorail October 2015

Seattle waterfront Why is there glass in the sidewalk

Old Spaghetti Factory owners sell building near Seattle waterfront for $9 million July 14, 2015

UWT to pay almost $1 million to move Old Spaghetti Factory out of campus building August 31, 2015

Seattle’s Old Spaghetti Factory to close in December after 46 years

Old Spaghetti Factory The downtown staple will shutter this week

Seattle’s Old Spaghetti Factory closing in December

After 46 years, Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle is closing.

Looking Back at the Queen City Grill, Set to Close in January December 15, 2016

Snohomish County man has the United States’ first known case of Wuhan coronavirus

Pee-wee Herman Is Gen X’s SpongeBob SquarePants

Rescuer opens home to baby flying foxes orphaned by Australian bushfires

Vape shops battle perceptions, policies in effort to stay viable

Five Highway 40 (I-64) ramps to close permanently on Feb. 3 for new soccer stadium

10up Releases Autoshare for Twitter WordPress Plugin

Can Appropriation Artist Claim Copyright Over Artwork Appropriated From The Same Original?

YouTube Streamer Hit With Demonetization Over Copyright Claims To Numbers ’36’ And ’50’

Ferrari ‘DRM:’ Don’t Screw With Our Logos And We’ll Let You Know If It’s OK To Sell Your Car

French Court Declares That Steam Gamers Actually Do Own What They Bought

The FBI Can Get Into The Latest IPhones, So Why Is It Asking Apple To Break Encryption On Older Models?

Report: U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’

Are these myths about St. Louis actually true?

Yes, the UK media’s coverage of Meghan Markle really is racist

Here’s what a $40,000 Super Bowl ticket will get you

Star Trek Jokes Ensue After Trump Tweets New Space Force Seal

Space Shuttle Enterprise – Facts and Information

The Man Behind That Crazy Bowls Highlight Reveals the Secrets of His Miraculous Shot