Things I’ve found interesting January 27th 2020

I could be wrong. But I bet if you have a look around you will find a few interesting things.

From suburban bubble to urban bustle: McDonald’s employees say HQ move to Fulton Market has made the company faster, younger. And applications are way up.

New solar power source and storage developed

Large family from ‘Chinese House of Park Forest’ shares message of helping others

Chicago woman who traveled to China diagnosed with coronavirus, health officials say

‘I never knew him to have anything against anybody.’ Mother at a loss after retired state trooper killed in Lisle shooting that wounded another retired trooper and an off-duty trooper.

Unpacking the Spectacle of Jeff Bezos Driving an Electric Rickshaw in India

Homewood’s marijuana dispensary is popular with Indiana customers, who say they aren’t worried about the return trip home

Limited internet to be restored in Kashmir, no access to social media

iPad turns 10: Why did it take a decade for Apple’s tablet to get its own operating system?

Virgin Trains USA buys Aventura station site for $18M

Colie Edison reinventing Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) as bowling’s new kingpin
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Where was the Real World in Seattle Revisited October 2015

Christmas inside Denver Union Station December 2016

Red Tesla Model S The Crawford Hotel Denver Union Station

Denver RTD

Sierra Hotel on back of Amtrak California Zephyr Chicago and Denver Union Station Omaha Nebraska

Bowlero Corporation (formerly known as Bowlmor AMF)

The Real World: Denver is the eighteenth season of MTV’s reality television series The Real World

I had long since stopped watching before this season had started.

ALF has been a constant presence on TV for three decades, from ‘Hollywood Squares’ to ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

These 12 sitcoms of the 1990s were brief hits but only lasted a year

Airbnb sues Newgard, alleges Harvey Hernandez stole funds in partnership

Good luck leaving your Uber driver less than five stars

Uber is finally making riders explain themselves when they rate a driver below five stars

Martin Scorsese’s editor on his hatred of eyebrows

Netflix releases ‘Pandemic’ docuseries as coronavirus spreads

Albertans sew, knit, crochet their way to helping Australian wildfire rescue animals

Justin Trudeau’s doughnut order sparks controversy on Twitter

Felicity Huffman and daughter Sophia Macy attempt to go incognito at JFK

As cabin fever gets worse, St. John’s residents’ snow fort skills get better

Tesla will open a European design center in Germany, in addition to US & China

China coronavirus: Lockdown measures rise across Hubei province

U.S. seeks to limit emotional support critters on planes

The five major challenges facing electric vehicles

Can Ibuprofen Really Help With a Heavy Period Flow?

How to install Hadoop on Linux Operating System

Wine for running Windows 10 apps on Linux gets big upgrade

Microsoft discloses security breach of customer support database

Harley-Davidson LiveWire owners will get free charging from Electrify America

Could graphene transform the future?

Tesla wins a sales work-around in Michigan as it passes a $100-billion valuation

Trump says Tesla is going to ‘build a very big plant in the US.’ What is he talking about?

We’re All in the Bathroom Filming Ourselves

Overdrafts: Why you shouldn’t ignore that message from your bank about fees

John Deere Just Cost Farmers Their Right to Repair

Nerf unveils “DRM for darts”

Philips Hue cuts support for third-party bulbs

The Little Light On starting ballet at age 62

Trump Administration to Restrict Visas for Pregnant Women to Stop “Birth Tourism”

Virginia Senate votes in favor of ‘red flag’ bill

Bengal Tiger Encounter 2013 Illinois State Fair

Zookeeper who killed tigers and tried to have rival murdered is sentenced to 22 years in prison