Things I’ve found interesting January 28th 2020

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75 years after being freed from Auschwitz, he can’t stop going back

A lesson for Holocaust Remembrance Day: Anti-Semitism never died — it just lay dormant

Meet Xenobot, an Eerie New Kind of Programmable Organism

Researchers hope the living robots, made up of masses of cells working in coordination, can help unlock the mysteries of cellular communication.

A woman was told to cover up at Chick-fil-A while nursing. To support her, moms held a breastfeeding sit-in

Malibu wants to ban overnight parking on Pacific Coast Highway. Will the state allow it?

Rivian takes over Uptown Normal Illinois

Electric truck startup, a possible Rivian rival, may seek aid to restart former Lordstown GM plant

Y’all aboard? Fate of Gulf Coast Amtrak project in Mobile’s hands next week

$170M in Economic Benefits Hinge on Mobile City Council Vote

Bring Passenger Rail Service Back to Mobile

The Kremlin is notorious for global meddling online. But controlling cyberspace at home has been trickier.

Helicopter in Bryant crash previously owned by was once owned by the state of Illinois

Helicopter in Kobe Bryant crash was owned by state of Illinois from 2007-15

California’s first two cases of coronavirus are confirmed in L.A. and Orange counties

Australia’s fires are burning through a key part of its economy — tourism

‘American Dirt’ was supposed to be a publishing triumph. What went wrong?

On eve of Grammys, ousted CEO Deborah Dugan has no regrets: ‘I had to defend myself’

Deborah Dugan alleges sexual harassment and gender discrimination against Recording Academy

China extends holiday to contain virus as death toll rises to 80

The coronavirus from China is new, and that makes everything dicier

Coronavirus spreads to Los Angeles, Orange County: How concerned should we be about spread?

Hong Kong bans entry of visitors from China virus province

Mystery seller has JFK items up for bid. Ex-Gov. Jerry Brown wants to know who

Cabbies hit by LAXit pickup squeeze are planning their own exit

Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says

Aldermanic courtesy leaves appointment to Civilian Oversight Board in doubt

Russell Simmons assault doc stuns at Sundance, but survivors brace for ‘fight’ ahead

FBI reviewing claims Ilhan Omar married her brother

WPIX cameraman claims he was fired over false racism accusations from Muslim anchor

The American Dream is much easier to achieve in Canada

New city signs up in Ahwatukee encouraging bicyclists to use entire car lane

AM/FM icons mourn Mokena man remembered as a ‘great friend to anyone who loves radio’

Experts say weight loss requires a plan, lifestyle change and support

After a year of defying Utahns, our leaders must face their credibility gap

Salvadoran general admits army carried out infamous 1981 massacre

These Are the 6 Women Who Are Testifying Against Harvey Weinstein

Ex-state Sen. Martin Sandoval charged with bribery in red-light camera scheme

For years Chicago police rated the risk of tens of thousands being caught up in violence. That controversial effort has quietly been ended.

Ex-volleyball coach who recorded hundreds of children in bathroom with hidden camera given almost 7 years in prison

Is there a difference between cheap and expensive cast-iron cookware?

‘I hate you … hope you two die!’ That’s what woman wrote on wall of her home before shooting up Lisle cigar lounge, killing ex-cop and herself, police say

Governors State board meets 2 hours behind closed doors following faculty no-confidence vote in president, but takes no action

Mokena 13-year-old receives Heart Saver Hero award for helping save father’s life with CPR

Brawl at high school basketball game in Waukegan still under investigation: ‘It spilled outside and picked up again’

Kim Foxx’s handling of Jussie Smollett case hovers over Cook County state’s attorney candidates meeting with Tribune Editorial Board

Painting found hidden in Italian gallery wall confirmed as long-lost Klimt

Swift Control Replaces WordPress Toolbar With Custom Access Panel

What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport Found @nosilver

The “MTV cops” of Miami Vice gave television a facelift, then succumbed to the ravages of age

Miami Vice is an American crime drama television series created by Anthony Yerkovich and executive produced by Michael Mann for NBC.

Miami Vice is an action video game developed by Canvas and published by Ocean Software.

Unanswered questions abound after fires destory Park Forest ‘house on the hill’

Midcentury masterpiece, home of Park Forest founder Philip Klutznick, laid waste by four fires; arson investigation opened

Remembering the nine victims in the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash

Assistant girls basketball coach Christina Mauser among the victims of Kobe Bryant helicopter crash

Jessica Simpson captures photo from backyard of where Kobe Bryant crash occurred

President’s Defense Attacks Biden and Argues That Charges Against Trump are too Vague

Stephen King says Oscars are ‘rigged in favor of white people’

5-4 Supreme Court allows rule to take effect that could reshape legal immigration

Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Wealth Test for Green Cards

Republicans struggle to get on message after Bolton rocks trial

Trump says he was concerned about corruption in Ukraine. The evidence indicates he was focused on Biden.

If this Texas student doesn’t cut his dreadlocks, he won’t get to walk at graduation. It’s another example of hair discrimination, some say

Muddy shoes and difficult questions: How volunteers are counting the number of homeless Texans

Austin police chief: We will still ticket, arrest for cannabis

Chief Says cannabis Arrests Will Continue Despite Decriminalization

Austin police will stop arrests, tickets in most low-level marijuana cases after unanimous City Council vote

He spent a month in Texas jail accused of hauling 3,350 pounds of marijuana. But lab results say it was legal hemp.

Marijuana prosecutions in Texas have dropped by more than half since lawmakers legalized hemp

Texas coal companies are leaving behind contaminated land. The state is letting them.

“Railroad Commission’s Surface Mining and Reclamation Division. Since 2016, the division had been led by Denny Kingsley, a former coal executive who had retired from a 36-year career in the industry a few months before being hired to help regulate it.”

Texas signed off on the restoration of this old mine. Now a leaky landfill is contaminating groundwater.

“Coal ash has four to 10 times the concentration of toxins as coal”

“people living close to coal ash impoundments and landfills have a higher risk of premature death”

Big coal gave a tiny Texas town free land. There’s a major catch.

19 in Ontario being investigated for coronavirus after 1 case confirmed, 1 presumed

What Happened to Baltimore’s Harborplace?

Photo gallery: Demolition of The Jacksonville Landing continues

Chains dilute local flavor of Harborplace

So, Jax May Be The Only City To Demolish Its Landing

Former Springfield Jacksonville Jewish Center proposed for redevelopment

Kobe Bryant’s death spurs Planters to tread lightly on Super Bowl ad field

Carol Stream, whose father developed DuPage County town that bears her name, dies at 77

Elite private school Francis W. Parker nears control of adjacent condo buildings in Lincoln Park, and some neighbors aren’t going quietly

Papyrus greeting card brand to live on after stores close

Trump spiritual adviser says prayer asking for termination of ‘all satanic pregnancies’ was taken out of context

Johnson & Johnson ‘pretty confident’ it can develop coronavirus vaccine

Cannabis company brazenly adopts Alicia Keys’ Grammys musical number as advert

Art-school grads detail Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s weird sexual games

‘It Was a Question of ‘How Far Will They Go?”: Former Art Students Remember How Jeffrey Epstein Tested Their Boundaries

Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Maria Farmer Says the New York Academy of Art Helped Enable the Disgraced Financier

Charities say they never got the donations Jeffrey Epstein claims he made

Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA

The Sisters Who First Tried to Take Down Jeffrey Epstein

3 years after Naperville teen’s suicide, school board drafting protocols for when students speak to police

Prompted by Naperville teen’s suicide, new law requires parents be present before police question students on school property

Chinese officials report 25 more coronavirus deaths — bringing total to 106 — as US expands travel warning to entirety of China

Super Bowl: Worst halftime shows

Does Totino’s make the best pizza rolls? We taste 6 brands to find the ultimate munchie

Virginia becomes the critical 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. But the measure’s future is uncertain.

How Chicago fails to enforce one of the most annoying rush-hour problems as other cities try to prevent it

CTA plans weekend closures for three North Side Red Line stations

Whether you’re hired may depend on how an algorithm rates your video job interview. A new state law on AI screening gives you rights.

Retired Des Plaines pastor ordered to leave parish after ‘inappropriate material’ found on computer

Defying Vertigo to Capture Aerials From an Ultralight Plane

The Bears’ Super Bowl XX rings are one of a kind — as is each player’s story behind their jewelry

Former ‘Project Runway’ production assistant describes alleged sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein at his trial: ‘If I scream rape, will someone hear me?’

Saudi Arabia wants US troops to stay in Iraq, top official says

Bar Louie gastropub chain files for bankruptcy, closes 38 restaurants

Scope of right-wing extremism vexed security officials, documents show