Things I’ve found interesting January 29th 2020

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The Great Rock & Roll Swindle: 8 Touring Bands With Barely Recognizable Lineups
Hat tip @KurtWerstein

You know the President is able to shut down all US comms, yeah? An FCC commish wants to stop him from doing that

General Motors major announcement Jan.27, 2020

Is Saving Coal a Fool’s Errand?

Judge Dismisses $4 Million Cannabis Bust Due to Illegal Vehicle Search

Montana drug couriers busted in Minnesota with 900 pounds of cannabis go free

Man arrested for smoking marijuana while in court for marijuana charge

DOJ is trying to stop US VoIP carriers from hosting foreign robocalls

Benjamin Moore’s ColorReader can match your paint with your shirt

Only 6 ransomware attacks on the UK’s NHS since WannaCry worm hit in 2017 – report

Mafia harvest rewards from EU farm funds

Microsoft: Actually, Windows 7 is getting a new update – to fix black wallpaper bug

The hunt for security flaws in self-driving cars steps up a gear

Cori SuperTee: Can a T-shirt that can be worn for 10 days straight tackle fashion’s sustainability problem?

Brave, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla gather together to talk web privacy… and why we all shouldn’t get too much of it

McDonald’s quarterly sales growth, profit beat Wall Street estimates

House Democrats call for $760 billion in infrastructure spending over five years

In the 5G era, China has taken the lead as the West has failed to keep up

Japan’s hay fever season set to start early due to warm winter

Virus cases in China top SARS as evacuations begin

CollegeHumor Helped Shape Online Comedy. What Went Wrong?

Indigenous Woman Says She Was Barred from WestJet Flight in Alleged Profiling Incident

Indigenous grandfather and 12-year-old handcuffed in front of Vancouver bank after trying to open an account

A man bought a Rolex for $345 in 1974. Its current value knocked him off his feet

Rolex Oyster Cosmograph & Documentation, ca. 1971 ANTIQUES ROADSHOW PBS

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile pulled over for being a road hog

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Happy Hollow Illinois State Fair August 18 19 2012

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Springfield Illinois October 6 2012

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at Sheraton Chicago BlogHer 2009

Mr. Peanut’s Planters Nutmobile Staybridge Suites Springfield Illinois

Mrs. Potato Head BlogHer 2009

Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman shares photo of ‘miracle’ kids on their 11th birthday

Russia Exerts Growing Influence in Africa, Worrying Many in the West

Alderman wants new effort to train unemployed St. Louis residents for city jobs

Nuisance or a right? St. Louis County considers its vagrancy law

Lee Enterprises makes $140M deal to buy Berkshire newspapers

Alton scenic overlook tumbles down bluff

Bicyclist riding in the rain Alton IL

Bicyclist leaving Grafton IL

Segway at Grafton boat docks

Great way to die at Alton Illinois Amtrak station

Balancing on railroad tracks at Alton Illinois Amtrak station Is NOT a good idea

DeLorean near Alton Illinois