Amazon Lightsail killed this website last night

With no warning – no email alert – no messages within account – Amazon Lightsail killed this website last night.

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Here is a description of problem I encountered.

Everything was greyed out – couldn’t access Console. Static IP showed not attached to Instance. Couldn’t attach Instance back to Static IP that it was running smooth on yesterday. When trying to re-attach it gave an error. Can not stop start reboot. Gives error when STOP is selected.

Connect using SSH greyed out – so no option to use command line.

Other small website I have running was showing no issues. Just larger main website which is most important out of the two was showing problem. That would be where you are reading now.

Under Metrics no error messages shown.

Problem started around 10PM Central Time USA on 1/29/2020.

All Amazon bills are paid. I saw no alerts or messages within account and have not received any emails explaining situation. Can’t get Support even though I’m a paying customer without paying more.

Posting within an Amazon Support Forum even when logged in was a hassle and useless. Kept getting a message I wasn’t authorized to post reply within topic covering exact issue I was encountering.

Compare that with Cloudflare – where if you’re logged in – you can pretty much instantly post in their support forum. Everything within Amazon is geared towards making you pay more money. Even when you are a monthly paying customer for over 2 going on 3 years.

My experience was exactly what this customer experienced. Once thread got responses there wasn’t much helpful guidance in my opinion. Although it might explain cause as hardware related and explains why no alert would be offered.

OH Lightsail is dead AWS Developer Forums

Here is how I fixed things and got this website back up and running after beating my head against a wall for several hours.

I’m fairly decent about keeping one or two Lightsail Snapshots. These are backups of the Lightsail Instance. My most recent Snapshot wasn’t as current as I would have liked. So I tried making a new one. Even though Instance was not running and all controls grey and locked out. I was able to make a current Snapshot.

I tested this Snapshot by creating a new Instance. After that I used numerical IP to check that all latest articles were there and working. When this was confirmed I moved Instance to Static IP that website runs on.

Unfortunately that wasn’t end of drama. I needed to go into Cloudflare and babysit DNS. Because of how I have that setup – that was only a minor headache.

But a problem still existed after handling Cloudflare DNS. Numerical static IP would pull up page but domain wouldn’t load using alphabetical name. I thought I had checked my Amazon Lightsail Networking settings. It would seem I hadn’t made a change there I needed to.

By default for some unexplained reason. Amazon Lightsail does not included https under Networking Firewall. Even though Google and every web browser demands you use https as default nowadays. After adding https under Firewall and clearing Cloudflare cache. This website was up and running again.

I still have no idea what caused problem to begin with. Without any notice, alerts, emails or logs – I may never know. It worked fine yesterday morning and then went bonkers last night.

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