Things I’ve found interesting January 31st 2020

Sit back – relax and take some time to read my selection of things I found interesting recently.

What happened to L.A.’s $1 billion for homeless housing?

Wikipedia Has Been Unblocked in Turkey, Finally

Tesla tries to secure subsidies for production of battery cells in Germany

LEGO Tesla Cybertruck With LEGO Elon Musk & Franz May Be Coming

Muslims in Bridgeview knew they were being watched after 9/11. A local filmmaker is suing to find out why and for how long

Does laughter yoga really improve your health? The experts weigh in

Tinder Asks ‘Does This Bother You’?

The dating app says its new machine-learning tool can help flag potentially offensive messages and encourage more users to report inappropriate behavior.

How People of Color Inside the Buttigieg Campaign Sought to Be Heard

Samsung Galaxy S9 update with One UI 2 and Android 10 starts rolling out, already live in the US

Tesla Model 3 Shatters Records In Hot European Market — EV Sales Report

New Study In Canada Says EV Owners Will Not Buy ICE Again

U.S. wants the EU to accept chemical-washed chicken as part of trade deal

The New Trophies of Domesticity

Parts of a new California border fence weren’t yet anchored. Big winds blew them down

Authorities in San Diego unearth longest cross-border drug tunnel in history

The Supreme Court Lets Trump Punish Immigrants Who May Be a “Public Charge”

‘American Dirt’ publisher cancels entire book tour, acknowledges ‘deep inadequacies’

I Am Furious That a Reporter Told People About the Terrifying Ordeal I Put Her Through After She Asked Me Questions I Didn’t Appreciate

2 California prisoners slain in related attacks

Oxnard police officer killed when truck collides with his motorcycle

U.S. life expectancy rises for the first time in 4 years — but just a little

China counts 170 coronavirus deaths, as new countries find infections

Bride Price: ‘My husband can’t afford me’

Come cook with a North Korean. It’ll be a side of the country you’ve never seen

A second terrifying high-rise fire has Barrington Plaza residents demanding answers

Fire at West L.A. high-rise sends residents scrambling for safety; two critically injured

Prince George’s officer charged in fatal shooting of handcuffed suspect

Canada, U.K. discussing how to pay for Prince Harry and Meghan’s security costs: minister

A new capital? Palestinians say Abu Dis is no substitute for East Jerusalem

Urban treasures: four Abu Dhabi hidden gems that deserve special status

She used to chase down teens to figure out why they skipped school. Now she wants to help them as Pr. George’s top prosecutor

At Harvey Weinstein trial, Mimi Haley’s testimony turns into daylong battle over consent

SpaceX is ready to build the first Starship destined for space after latest tests

Fluorescent pink slug, unique to Australian mountaintop, survives bushfires

‘Schools are killing curiosity’: why we need to stop telling children to shut up and learn

The 2 key questions that will determine if the coronavirus outbreak becomes a pandemic

Coronavirus: Tales of solidarity from China’s virus-hit Wuhan

We Don’t Have Enough Face Masks

Kenney calls for swift approval from Trudeau for Teck oilsands mine

UAE residents being ‘eaten alive’ by surge in mosquitoes

Workers at Chinese Factory for Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Paid $62 a Week: Report

Trump waived executive privilege when he called Bolton a liar

Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg ‘intends to re-elect Trump’ with misinformation policy

Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg Has ‘Authoritarian’ Views on Misinformation

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Understand Journalism

Why Britain Brexited

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