Things I’ve found interesting February 6th 2020

Hang out and explore for awhile. Much more here than just this latest list.

Japan testing 3,700 people quarantined on cruise ship after Hong Kong novel coronavirus case

BP warns on coronavirus impact as profits dragged lower by weak oil price

Coronavirus sends Asia’s social media censors into overdrive

Labour: don’t allow France to scupper British Steel rescue

Fireflies are facing extinction due to habitat loss, pesticides and artificial light

Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Wonder Twin Powers Activate

Ridiculous Wondertwin powers

3-Minute Expert: Who are the Wonder Twins?

Rivian takes over Uptown Normal Illinois

Inventing Amazon’s electric delivery vehicle

Rivian and Amazon detail development of new electric delivery van

UPS turns to Arrival for some very stylish electric delivery vans

Hyundai and Kia invest in UK electric commercial-vehicle maker Arrival

Upcoming food-truck park 9 Mile Garden adds a drafthouse

Neo4j 4.0 adds enterprise Fabric to its graph database

Ransomware attacks are now targeting industrial control systems

Yubico is making it easier for businesses to buy its YubiKeys

Stephen King quits Facebook over ‘flood of false information’ and privacy concerns

A wagon and 99 phones: How to create a pseudo traffic jam on Google Maps

CNN did not handle the Iowa results screwup well.

‘Kids in cages’ popped up across Des Moines. Activists say they were making a point about what candidates aren’t saying

No, Trump hasn’t learned a lesson. He’s got a record of misusing taxpayer funds.

Roving band of herpes-ridden monkeys now roaming northeast Florida

These wild monkeys thrive in Florida—and carry a deadly virus

Trump’s Kansas geography flop should be used by Democrats

Iran officials knew they shot down Ukrainian plane, audio reveals

Senate Republicans just paved the road to American authoritarianism

A Trump ally’s ‘$25,000 cash giveaway’ for black voters could mean legal trouble

Tulsa mass graves: City will dig for bodies from 1921 race massacre

Dopamine signals may guide migration of immune cells to infection sites

Aerobic exercise training linked to enhanced brain function

Rocky Johnson, father of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, dead at 75

El Chapo’s daughter marries nephew of another crime kingpin in Mexican cathedral

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