Things I’ve found interesting February 7th 2020

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Stress Really Does Make Hair Go Gray Faster

A school played ‘The Lion King’ at a fundraising event. Now it has to pay a third of what it raised

Hyperactivation of sympathetic nerves drives depletion of melanocyte stem cells

Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, detained for coronavirus warning, now has the illness

By the numbers: Coronavirus outbreak charted

Green Street, SoLiS Building First Electrical Vehicle Charging Locations Along Market Street

First tracks for Virgin Trains USA installed at OIA

Florio: There’s a non-partisan solution to improve rail transportation. Let’s look at it.

‘The wow effect is coming’ as German government signs €86bn rail programme

Super Bowl 2020: Instagram model charged with running onto field, flashing crowd

Police investigate after dogs eat tainted hot dogs

Tesla Superchargers are now over 3x cheaper than their biggest competitor

Amtrak proposes new routes, trains for Tennessee

IDOT preps for 7-month closure of Murray Baker Bridge

25 railroad places you need to visit in the West

How Amtrak Trains Have Changed

Tommy Chong Turns 80, Looks 50. Is It the Cannabis?

This 1992 Comic Novel About Fallen British Royals Is Extra Fun to Read Right Now

Since the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake, seismologists have been studying and ranking Japan’s active faults, and released data on the ones posing the greatest danger.

DirecTV satellite is at risk of explosion due to battery issues

Smog levels in the Thai capital were so high on Wednesday that all public schools were closed.

Mayor Durkan’s Obsession with Soundly Punishing Poverty

Seattle council wants to expand program that keeps low-level offenders out of jail, getting help they need

Trump Removes Pollution Controls on Streams and Wetlands

1 dead and 7 injured, including 9-year-old boy, in mass shooting on downtown Seattle sidewalk

Man shot dead at Westlake Center in downtown Seattle

Two killed in ‘senseless act’ after gunman opens fire on Seattle street

Seattle shooting: Manhunt after one person killed and seven wounded

Say goodbye to Miller Park, hello to American Family Field
Sourced from @JeffRichgels

Will the Y6 stay in Roanoke or return to St. Louis?

Kenney calls for swift approval from Trudeau for Teck oilsands mine

Prince George’s officer charged in fatal shooting of handcuffed suspect

Md. officer charged with murder after shooting of handcuffed man

ANA suspends flights between virus-hit Wuhan and Narita through February

Surgical masks in short supply

Coronavirus: French Asians hit back at racism with ‘I’m not a virus’

Cherry Point Farm and Market Lavender Labyrinth

9-year-old boy charged with attempted murder after his younger sister was stabbed

Teenager pleads guilty to sexually assaulting four-year-old stepsister in toilet

Russia opposes Northern Territories exhibit

Trump Middle East plan: Palestinians reject ‘conspiracy’

Liberal plan to raise basic personal income tax deduction to cost $21B over 5 years: PBO

A climate activist swam under the Antarctic ice sheet to prove how quickly glaciers are melting

‘I Lose Sleep Over This Building’: A Rush to Make Synagogues Safe

‘I May Have Killed Someone’: Drifter Charged in Upper East Side Murder

Rand Paul reads alleged whistleblower’s name on Senate floor

We surrender: SAP yields to customers, extends support for Business Suite 7 to 2027

Virus Exposes Cracks in Carmakers’ Chinese Supply Chains

Domino’s debuts engagement ring worth ‘more than $9,000’

‘Feeder’ fiancé stuffs woman with food so she can reach 600-pound wedding weight

‘Extremely obese’ owl put on strict diet so it can fly again

Stars of TLC’s ‘Hot & Heavy’ say ‘they don’t feel exploited at all’

Drunk mom left young daughter alone on flight to offer stranger oral sex

She tried to kiss a man, offered to perform sex act and ‘started to pull down her trousers and underwear’… mum’s ‘out of control’ holiday flight

Child under coronavirus quarantine in Riverside County is taken to hospital with fever

Shannen Doherty reveals she has Stage 4 cancer: ‘Our life doesn’t end the minute we get that diagnosis’

App made by Clinton campaign veterans’ firm is behind Iowa caucuses debacle

Bill Press: The day democracy died

Buttigieg supporter asks to take back vote after learning he’s gay

Drunk Ohio man charged with calling cops 25 times in search of lost hoodie

Baboon spotted grooming lion cub in South Africa

Baboon grooms little lion cub in South Africa’s Kruger park

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