Kaito Voyager PRO Shortwave NOAA Weather Emergency Radio will no longer charge

My Kaito Voyager PRO Shortwave NOAA Weather Emergency Radio will no longer charge. Even when plugged in using adapter unit will not turn on. Interestingly enough flashlight and light bar on back of solar panel both still function and are bright. There are fresh batteries in device. But even then radio refuses to turn on and only lights are functioning.

KA600 GREEN Solar AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Radio, 5-way Powered, 5-LED reading lamp, 3-LED flashlight was purchased January 26th 2013.

Unfortunately my city doesn’t offer any Maker or repair gatherings for old electronics. So if I can’t figure out how to resolve problem – this unit will just get set aside for recycling. Definitely don’t have cash at this time to replace it.

No matter which setting select knob is at – radio will not turn on. When plugged in – charge icon doesn’t show as charging. Hand crank still works but that doesn’t result in LED display showing unit charging. Fresh batteries – but radio will not function. LED display works.

Can’t get the Alarm and Alert to turn off. No buttons seem to function except for one that turns on flashlight.

“NOTE: In unit off mode, please don’t use the external adapter for three hours”

Not sure if that means not to leave radio plugged in at all times. If so then maybe that is what caused problem. It has almost always been plugged into an outlet using power adapter.

Updated 2/7/2019

I fixed it. Previously I had only taken one set of batteries out not both. Removing both reset device and now everything is back to working. Thankfully it was a simple fix.

Kaito Voyager V2 Portable Solar / Hand Crank AM/FM, Shortwave & NOAA Weather Emergency Radio

This is what I would like to replace it with – if I had the money.

Kaito Emergency Radio Voyager Max KA900 Digital Solar Dynamo Crank Wind Up AM/FM/SW & NOAA Weather Stereo Radio Receiver with Bluetooth, Real-time Alert, MP3 Player, Recorder & Phone Charger, Black

Seriously at $100 price point = 6V DC wall power adapter (not included).

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Kaito Voyager PRO KA600 Weather Radio user manual PDF will download.

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