Things I’ve found interesting February 12th 2020

A list of news and other topics that I have found interesting for this Wednesday.

A February without rain could boost wildfire danger in Northern California

Temperature Reaches Record-Breaking 65 Degrees in Antarctica

‘Huge shortage’: Bay Area clinics seek supplies of masks for coronavirus

Genetic testing can reveal unexpected results about families, and many people are not prepared for the fallout

Judge clears a major path to T-Mobile’s $26.5B Sprint bid

Judge denies Uber, Postmates request to halt AB5 enforcement

Tesla Minibus An all-electric and self-driving bus

At least 14 dead as Rohingya boat sinks in Bangladesh

Ireland’s Sinn Fein wins popular vote, eyes a major role in government

Irish general election: Sinn Féin celebrate historic result

Sinn Féin begins efforts to form leftwing coalition in Ireland

‘Food halls are the way to go’: Malls experimenting with fancy marketplaces to lure back shoppers

What Early-Career Income Volatility Means for Your Middle-Aged Brain

HS2: Six reasons why the rail route is so expensive

The trains will travel at up to 360 km/h (224mph), faster than any other train service in Europe and only slower than those in China.

HS2: When will the line open and how much will it cost?

A ballastless track or slab track is a type of railway track infrastructure

HS2 go-ahead controversial and difficult, admits Boris Johnson

HS2: Johnson drops ‘keep digging’ hint over future of project

A New Tesla Model 3 Commercial In Chinese

China removes two Hubei leaders as coronavirus crisis deepens

Rains forecast to douse Australia wildfires, raising hopes crisis nearly over

Thai army chief tearfully apologises for mass shooting by soldier

Two Gay Immigrants Left Everything For Safety In The US. Instead, They Were Sent To Guatemala.

A homeless couple moved into a $4 million Piedmont home a year ago. It hasn’t always been easy

Oakland teen arrested for intentionally hitting SF woman with car, police say

SF corruption case: Nuru resigns in wake of fraud charges, but pension fight looms

Largest school bond in California history would throw $15 billion at fixing schools

US says Chinese military stole masses of Americans’ data

Can you fix a zipper using a fork? Found R. Josh Quarles Daily

If I tried something like this. I would definitely end up stabbing myself.

This New York City deli offers customers free food if they can solve simple math problems

What’s in President Trump’s Fiscal 2021 Budget?

Steep cuts to domestic programs and more resources for the military and policing the border with Mexico.

How Student Loan Forgiveness Changed Graduates’ Paths

Fight Back Against Today’s White House Attack on Amtrak’s National Network

Advocates Deliver A Crucial Win To Restore Gulf Coast Rail Service

Questions & Answers On 2020 Rail Passengers Council Elections

Penn Station Commuter Meltdown Highlights Long-Neglected Infrastructure

Native burial sites blown up for US border wall

Sacred Native American burial sites are being blown up for Trump’s border wall, lawmaker says

I spy a BMW i3 Found R. Josh Quarles Daily

BMW i3 Washington DC

BMW i3 Springfield Illinois

All electric BMW i3 Seattle

BMW i3 Drive Electric Week at Planetarium in Forest Park St Louis

BMW i3 Delmar St Louis

BMW i3 Blink Level 2 charging Greektown Walgreens Chicago Illinois

Tesla CEO Elon Musk warns car buyers that ‘gas cars’ residual values will plummet in coming years’

Union-backed law reaps payments for California employees — state gets a cut, too

How Does Exercise Affect Blood Pressure?

Medicine fails to control blood pressure during exercise

Exercise: A drug-free approach to lowering high blood pressure

JavaScript Libraries Are Almost Never Updated Once Installed

Announcing the Cloudflare Access App Launch

JAMstack at the Edge: How we built Built with Workers… on Workers

Announcing Built with Workers

Empowering Your Privacy

Cloudflare supports Privacy Pass

Parents of Danville boy who drowned during swim class settle with school district

Alameda County sheriff’s deputy sues Toronto Raptors exec Masai Ujiri over NBA Finals altercation

Once Again, Please Do Not Put ‘Detox Pearls’ in Your Vagina

Women Say Their Hair Is Falling Out And Their Scalps Are Inflamed After Using The Popular Brand DevaCurl

Bay Area barbecue prodigy Matt Horn debuts fried chicken sandwiches for KowBird

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