Things I’ve found interesting February 15th 2020

A list of things to read on this Saturday.

Dive Bahrain: The world’s largest underwater theme park is about to get even bigger

Coronavirus: ‘Pariah’ cruise ship rejected by five ports docks at last

The Streetcar Symphony

Microsoft’s February 2020 Patch Tuesday fixes 99 security bugs

This is one of Microsoft’s biggest Patch Tuesday known to date.

When Memphis Fell for a Pyramid Scheme

Fly-tipping: Organised crime behind large rise

Coronavirus travel slowdown spreads from China across Asia: Study

Video of an exotic dancer’s horrifying fall from a pole puts an industry under scrutiny

All the Very Bad Ways That Castor Seeds Have Been Used

Kentucky Club When life gives you Prohibition, open a bar in Juárez

Why the Suez Canal Is a Superhighway for Invasive Species

Japan’s Lost-and-Found System Is Insanely Good

Why Japan is so successful at returning lost property

Japanese students take idol worship to a whole new level

For the first time, an indigenous American tribe donates seeds to the doomsday vault

FBI: BEC scams accounted for half of the cyber-crime losses in 2019

Ransomware: Industrial control systems are under attack – Video

The FTC is cracking down on influencer marketing on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

The Chaos at Condé Nast

Andy Rubin’s New Phone Thing Isn’t Just a New Phone Thing

How Google Protected Andy Rubin, the ‘Father of Android’

Regarding Essential: A letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Andy Rubin has returned to his company weeks after he took leave amid allegations of inappropriate behavior

Elizabeth Holmes trial: What’s going on with the Theranos founder after ‘The Inventor’

Alphabet Flirts With $1 Trillion but Needs a Second Act

The DOJ Asks Startup Investors: Are Tech Giants Too Powerful?

This Identity Activist Wants to Make Facebook Obsolete

Alphabet Has a Second, Secretive Quantum Computing Team

Artificial Intelligence Verticals (I): Insurance

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Lost Notebook

China arrests former China Development Bank chairman: media

Why the FTC Wants to Revisit Hundreds of Deals by Big Tech

Alstom wins another DB ETCS onboard contract

Out of Darkness, Light Rail!

Draft 2020 Business Plan California High-Speed Rail Authority

Could Brexit Britain let EV manufacturing opportunites slip through its fingers?

Here’s the latest on the two cruise ships

Japan reports first COVID-19 death as three more domestic infection cases logged

Top officials of Hubei, Wuhan replaced

The virus curing the mobile industry’s chronic addiction

The fallout from the death of a Chinese doctor is turning into a major challenge for Xi Jinping

Drowning sign shows Australia’s gnarly weather whiplash

Dog absolutely loses it when her astronaut owner returns from space

Why are school reunions so horny?

How ADHD may impact your sex life

Tesla Giga Berlin cleared of water supply concerns as state government begins infrastructure planning

Tesla Model 3 picked by Taiwan Military as test vehicle in bid to explore electric mobility

Rent hikes could be smaller for L.A. tenants under new plan at City Hall

Cannabis oil products ‘could be off the shelves in a year’

Neo-Nazi Terror Group Posted Propaganda to Google Maps

US Army testing all terrain electric scooter for tactical use

Tesla Model 3 picked by Taiwan Military as test vehicle in bid to explore electric mobility

Tesla now disables Supercharging in salvaged vehicles

Retired Dolphin Kim Bokamper sells Florida home of 32 years

American carnage Faith Ringgold’s response to 1960s’ race riots is as powerful as it is unsettling

Iraqi women protest in defiance of cleric’s demands

Gaza group strikes targets in Palestinian territories in new cyberattack wave

Reports confirm Donald Trump’s dad was arrested at Klan rally, and that those arrested were “berobed”

Opinion The Justice Department confirms things are even worse than we feared

Opinion Bernie Sanders is a risk we can’t run at this moment of national peril

Bloomberg nabs three endorsements from Congressional Black Caucus amid stop and frisk controversy

Michael Flynn’s claims of misconduct are baseless, prosecutors say

Sudan seeks to end terror designation in USS Cole settlement

Few people know of her daughter’s genetic disorder. A mom is skiing 125 miles across Norway to change that.

Feather Falls: California’s world-class hike no one knows about

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