Things I’ve found interesting February 17th 2020

Have a look around website and below. I’d venture a guess you will find something of interest.

Arista acquires Big Switch Networks for network visibility

Tesla Semis Are Cheaper Than Rail Enough Of The Time To Reshape Ground Freight

Neon signs are disappearing from Chicago’s streetscape and skyline. Here’s why.

Ultrasonic bracelet jams the microphones around you

Feeling Down? Snapchat Now Has a Mental Health Tool for That.

Black Hat Asia 2020 postponed due to coronavirus concerns

Waukegan bar owner known for charity work claims police harassing him in effort to oust him from vacant Ramada Inn

Serious crime has doubled on Chicago’s ‘L’ system, despite the CTA adding thousands of security cameras

Musician talks about getting stabbed on Red Line: ‘I was bleeding out everywhere

Judge denies bail for man with history of robbery and gun arrests charged with shooting on Blue Line train at UIC-Halsted stop

3 Chicago men charged after robbery at Joliet cellphone store where customers were tied up

Iraq’s PM-designate to submit new cabinet for vote ‘within days’

In wake of Soleimani’s death, Tehran-backed Hezbollah steps in to guide Iraqi militias

Marcus Randle El, who played football at Thornton High School and Wisconsin, charged in deaths of two people in Janesville

Hundreds attend burial in South Bend for fetuses stored in Will County garage by late abortion doctor Ulrich Klopfer

Moran: 20 years later, a look back at the ‘nightmare’ Zion plane crash that killed WGN radio host Bob Collins

Singer R. Kelly hit with new indictment in Chicago federal court

Pelosi defends decision to rip Trump’s State of the Union address

‘The older you get, the more homesick you feel’: The sorrow of Iraqis unable to return home again

Ted Cruz once called Trump ‘utterly amoral’ and a ‘sniveling coward.’ Then he worked to save his presidency.

Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer couldn’t name Mexican president in interview

“Classical” Architecture Is Just One Way Tyrants Build in Their Own Image

Trump eliminates funding for program honoring Ambassador Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi

Staten Island man charged with raping 11-year-old girl

Steny Hoyer leads trip to Puerto Rico amid aid standoff

China’s Hubei bans vehicle traffic to curb spread of coronavirus

An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills, for Those Who Were Never Taught

Caroline Flack’s death is as tragic as it is anger-inducing

Manchester City: What led to European ban and what happens next?

‘They’re out to get us,’ say furious Man City fans over Champions League ban

How ‘leaked’ emails and invoices led to Manchester City’s ban from Europe

Salford: Man held after police officer seriously injured after car chase

Manchester Arena bomber’s brother ‘collected takeaway tins to make prototype bomb’

A Cocaine Nasal Spray Just Received FDA Approval

Hot sauce tasting: The ultimate guide to America’s most popular brands

Winchester College v Eton feud comes to Downing Street

We won’t be bullied by left or right, says news boss at besieged BBC

Brazilian e-commerce expected to grow 18% in 2020

In the Race for Cheap Airfare, It’s You vs. the Machine

Next version of Chrome brings web AR and NFC to more users

In 141 years of record-keeping, there has never been a warmer January

Yankees sign ex-Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis to minor-league deal

Cops Have Seized Over Half a Million Illegal Vape Carts in the Past Two Years