Things I’ve found interesting February 25th 2020

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Understanding the breast cancer-heart disease link Research will help cancer survivors reduce their heart risk

Man who bought gun parts, 100-round magazine for Dayton mass shooter sentenced to 32 months

Little League organizations across the country ban ‘Astros’ nickname after MLB cheating scandal

NFL Saints backed by church in effort to keep emails secret

Hackers exploit zero-day in WordPress plugin to create rogue admin accounts

Noodles featured in Oscar-winning film Parasite a hot seller for B.C. Korean supermarket

First sighting surfaces of Model Y with roof rack in advance of launch

Tesla criticised for ‘lack of system safeguards’ after Autopilot crash

Samsung reopens smartphone factory after coronavirus scare

East Africa’s Huge Locust Outbreak Now Spreads to Congo

East Africa’s huge locust outbreak spreads to Congo in first sighting since 1944

Farmers urged to regularly inspect their fields as locusts’ threat looms

She didn’t drink, but her urine was full of alcohol. Turns out, her bladder was its own brewery

Woman urinates alcohol without drinking due to yeast in her bladder

She wasn’t drinking after all. Her bladder was brewing its own alcohol

Mushrooms grow from beer waste in the cellars of Brussels

What happens when the internet vanishes

Africa internet: How do governments shut it down?

Russia ‘successfully tests’ its unplugged internet

11 bridge closures you need to know about if you drive in Wayne, Oakland counties

Linux now joins Android on Planet’s little Cosmo Communicator computer-phone

Julian Assange was ‘handcuffed 11 times and stripped naked’

Julian Assange ‘phoned the White House to warn of risk to lives’ over Wikileaks release

Elon Musk talks Tesla Cybertruck, issues more feature details

Deloitte and accounts expert both cleared what HPE described as ‘contrived’ Autonomy sales

To calm H-1B nerves, American employers are sponsoring green cards faster

You Don’t Owe Your Company Undying Loyalty

Credit Karma’s enriched: Turbo Tax daddy Intuit snaps up personal finance platform for $7bn

Physicians group releases report on psychological effects of family separation

The Case for Closing the Pentagon

A record-breaking heat wave changed Antarctica in 9 days

Two cheetah cubs were born for the first time by IVF. The breakthrough offers hope for the threatened species

Xbox One gets another simplified dashboard redesign

Marijuana use is rising sharply among seniors over 65, study says, and there are serious risks

“THC — the compound in the marijuana plant that makes you high — and CBD, the the compound in the plant used in medicinal marijuana.”

Obviously author did no research before writing article. CBD counteracts THC – so when using a product or strain combining both – the “high” is reduced and in some cases eliminated.

Half of women say their sex life is distressing, study finds

CDC urges Americans to prepare for coronavirus outbreak: ‘This might be bad’

Diamond Princess cruise tracks down 23 passengers who were mistakenly released

Coronavirus: Quarantine raises virus fears in northern Italy

Italy scrambles to contain coronavirus outbreak after admitting hospital mess-up

Italy’s coronavirus lockdown shows how the outbreak is testing democracies

First London coronavirus case confirmed as Chinese national tests positive

Iraq reports four new cases of coronavirus – health ministry

Harvey Weinstein tried to silence and blame victims. At trial it no longer worked

Harvey Weinstein taken to hospital after being found guilty in landmark trial

Harvey Weinstein convicted: ‘Silence Breakers’ say producer ‘messed with the wrong women’

Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife Georgina Chapman dating Adrien Brody

Harvey Weinstein hires ‘prison consultant’ to prepare him for jail

Six-year-old schoolgirl arrested and bound with cable ties

Police and politicians ‘turned blind eye’ to Westminster child abuse claims

Free counseling offered to accusers in high-profile U-M sex assault cases

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Pete Davidson slams Ariana Grande, rescinds Dan Crenshaw apology in Netflix special

Jimmy Webb’s rock-themed boutique draws generations of rock luminaries

Kraftwerk brings 3-D show to the Pageant for rare St. Louis performance

Jon Batiste wends a ‘love riot’ from Rockwood Music Hall to Canary Club

Kirk Douglas leaves most of his $80 million fortune to charity

Singer Duffy says she was raped, drugged and held captive