Things I’ve found interesting February 26th 2020

Is dropping a $1 thank you using link below really going to break your bank? Free is great I get it. Although I’ve greatly reduced server cost over past couple of years. Server cost money and my time should be compensated.

Just the place you’d want to spot a BSOD: While waiting in line for a roller coaster that lifts you up 124ft

SpaceX Starlink job posting signals serious interest in a growing multi-billion dollar market

Tesla Model 3 Crushes Original Tesla Roadster — Like A $70,000–100,000 Car With Cost Of Toyota Camry Or Honda Accord

Maybe I need to share photos of empty refrigerator and bank account. Then maybe readers would believe fact I have never been made of money. Hard to be when you aren’t properly compensated for your work and efforts.

Google AI chief Dean sees evolution in MLPerf benchmark for machine learning

Samsung’s new chips usher in smartphones with 16GB of DRAM

Katherine Johnson Dies at 101; Mathematician Broke Barriers at NASA

Diana Serra Cary, Child Star ‘Baby Peggy’ of Silent Films, Dies at 101

Man spends $98 on plane ticket just to get Chick-fil-A

Why 2 different kinds of Wet’suwet’en leaders support and oppose the gas pipeline

Behind CN, CP’s quiet deal to skirt railway blockades and keep Canada’s vital goods moving

Kenney promises new law to protect ‘critical infrastructure’ after Teck Frontier withdrawal

John ‘Sonny’ Franzese, legendary New York mobster, dead at 103

“provided financing for the classic 1972 porn film “Deep Throat.”

John Gotti’s son is fuming this crime boss was in jail for so long

‘I done the time’: Longtime mob underboss Sonny Franzese, 102, tells his story

St. Louis County will distribute Narcan for free

Recreational marijuana sales in Illinois generated more than $10 million in tax revenue in January

The Devil’s Harvest: How “Reefer Madness” Became a Pro-Weed Movie

Rod Blagojevich accused of ‘moral turpitude’ at hearing on his law license

FBI official warns Russia ‘wants to watch us tear ourselves apart’ amid intel briefing controversy

Indigenous MPP says singing God Save The Queen in legislature ‘a step backwards’

EPA: Toxic chemicals from Scott base may pollute local water

Is toxic chemical used at Scott Air Force Base contaminating local water sources?

Silicon Valley Ruined Work Culture

Nationwide launching $160M initiative to retrain and retain employees

Trickle-down workaholism in startups

Liquor profits will seed new nonprofit foundation focused on equity issues in St. Louis

Amazon Confronts Criticism Over ‘Hunters’ and Sale of Nazi Propaganda

Sanders’s Comments on Fidel Castro Provoke Anger in Florida

Dicamba verdict gives other suits ‘road map’ for victory, but farmers have few other herbicide options

Missouri’s largest peach farmer sues Monsanto over alleged damage from illegal herbicide use

Jury awards $265 million to Bader Farms in lawsuit against Bayer, BASF

Flooding meant fewer visitors to Missouri state parks in 2019

Lambert’s new biometric security screening opens in Southwest Airlines terminal

Avoid arrest: St. Louis municipal court’s amnesty for outstanding warrants continues today

Ex-Velda City treasurer jailed after she admits stealing $550K from city and charity

Petition to airlines: Kids should sit with their parents

Paczki Day! Get your fix at these 36 spots across Chicagoland

Apple, TikTok decline to testify at second congressional hearing probing tech’s ties to China

Dementia day care center helps families cope with caregiving

Subway crimes, including felonies, rise sharply since last year

Central Park Races to Save a Rare Duck Gagging on a Piece of Plastic

Antarctic heat wave melted 20 percent of an island’s snow cover in days, caused melt ponds to proliferate

Elon Musk’s Boring Company announces third-generation machine is working

Tesla Model Y delivery emails are being sent to customers

Tesla Cybertruck Hotwheels is a glimpse of Elon Musk’s brilliant marketing strategy

Tesla Model Y Deliveries Starting In March

London’s top cop dismisses ‘highly inaccurate or ill informed’ facial-recognition critics, possibly ironically

Volkmarsen attack: Almost 60 hurt after car drives into carnival crowd

Academics refused permanent UK visas because of field trips abroad

Good news, everyone: The US military says it will be ethically minded about how it develops AI

A wrongfully convicted man who spent 23 years in prison will receive $1.5 million from the state of Kansas

Coronavirus: Iran’s deputy health minister tests positive as outbreak worsens

Doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus in China die of both infection and fatigue