Things I’ve found interesting March 3rd 2020

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Plane crashes along I-55 at Lincoln Illinois; police say ‘multiple occupants’

A small plane crashed Tuesday morning along Interstate 55 at Lincoln, snarling southbound traffic

Hackers are actively exploiting zero-days in several WordPress plugins

Just 16 years after the Choctaw Native Americans were forced off their land onto the “Trail of Tears,” they raised $170 of their own money

This Pipeline Case Could Gut 100 Years of Safeguards for Federal Parks

The Supreme Court is poised to allow a gas pipeline to pass underneath the Appalachian Trail. Experts can’t believe the case has gotten this far.

Have I Been S0ld? No, trusted security website HIBP off the table, will remain independent

Project Svalbard, Have I Been Pwned and its Ongoing Independence

Why Steve Wozniak thought he was US coronavirus patient zero

Apple co-founder bizarrely suggests he and his wife were ‘patient zero’ in U.S. for coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Public Health Department – County of Santa Clara

6 coronavirus deaths confirmed in Washington state

All of the deaths in the US have been in Washington state.

Suspected coronavirus case being treated at University of Chicago Medical Center as four other cases reported in Illinois

Deadly tornadoes kill seven in Nashville, Tennessee

Tornadoes touch down overnight, killing at least 9 and shredding buildings in Nashville

Tornadoes touch down overnight, killing at least 9 and shredding buildings in Nashville

9 people are dead and numerous homes are destroyed after a tornado tore through Tennessee overnight

Nashville tornado: Latest news and updates on damage, shelter and impact from powerful storm

TEMA: 19 people dead across four counties after tornadoes hit Nashville, Middle Tennessee

More than 45,000 without power in Nashville after tornado destroys neighborhoods

At least 7 dead as tornadoes shred 40 buildings in Nashville area

Who’s profiting off the millions that Illinois’ marijuana business is bringing in? State officials are keeping that secret.

President of Cresco Labs, operator of Sunnyside marijuana dispensaries, exits company

Surfaces? Sneezes? Sex? Here’s how the coronavirus can and cannot spread.

Coronavirus: Up to fifth of UK workers ‘could be off sick at same time’

SEC launches probe into affordable housing group whose deteriorating South Side buildings were focus of Tribune investigation

Miriam Margolyes: ‘I like men – I just don’t feel groin excitement’

Twitter tells employees to work from home as tech firms react to coronavirus

Honeywell, I blew up the qubits: Thermostat maker to offer cloud access to ‘world’s most powerful quantum computer’ within months

An algorithm could make CPUs a cheap way to train AI

U.S. tax rules raising the stakes for Canadian residents with American citizenship

Maersk prepares to lay off the Maidenhead staffers who rescued it from NotPetya super-pwnage

Plane Contrails Have a Surprising Effect on Global Warming

Global radiative forcing from contrail cirrus

Aviation: 2 to 3 times more damaging to the climate than industry claims

Storm-ravaged Bahamas rebuilding its power grid with emphasis on solar energy Found @amarchambault

I’ve Lived as a Fat Person in Two Genders

Bipartisan bill would make e-commerce platforms liable for counterfeit goods

Lawmakers Propose Making E-Commerce Companies Liable for Counterfeits

Apple agrees to pay $500m over claims it slowed down old iPhones

Apple Might Owe You $25 for Slowing Down Your iPhone

Exit polls show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead, but short of a majority in Israel’s third election in a year

Q&A: What can the government force people to do in the name of containing the coronavirus?