Things I’ve found interesting March 10th 2020

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Amtrak Lincoln Service 303 related Father, sister of coronavirus patient violate self-quarantine

AMD processors from 2011 to 2019 vulnerable to two new attacks

Academics disclose new Collide+Probe and Load+Reload attacks on AMD CPUs.

Android security warning: One billion devices no longer getting updates

If you’re running version 6.0 of Android or earlier you’re vulnerable to malware, says consumer watchdog.

Void Android: More than one billion Android devices at risk of hacking attacks

Unfortunately I can’t afford to purchase a new phone my Samsung Galaxy S5 is running 6.0.1

Samsung Galaxy S5 gyroscope broken

Google releases first Android 11 developer preview

You can win a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip*

Intel CSME bug is worse than previously thought

Researchers say a full patch requires replacing hardware. Only the latest Intel 10th generation CPUs are not affected.

NordVPN HTTP POST bug exposed customer information, no authentication required

The exploit could be triggered with a simple request.

NordVPN quietly plugged vuln where an HTTP POST request without authentication would return detailed customer data

Android malware can steal Google Authenticator 2FA codes

Phishing: Google just made it easier to use 2FA to secure your accounts

Inside the Hunt for Russia’s Most Notorious Hacker

Inside the OPM Hack, The Cyberattack that Shocked the US Government

Say Hello to the Super-Stealthy Malware That’s Going Mainstream

Amazon will start selling cashierless Go system to other retailers

Chrome 80 released with silent notification popups, support for same-site cookies

Linux and open-source conferences: List of what’s canceled or going virtual

Australian privacy watchdog sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Australia vs Facebook as Privacy commissioner launches Federal Court action

Chrome to block intrusive video ads starting August 5, 2020

Google extends Titan Security Key availability

Spying concerns raised over Iran’s official COVID-19 detection app

Amazon offers retailers access to the tech behind Amazon Go

Amazon will start selling cashierless Go system to other retailers

Google Stadia captures rollout, newest games and everything else you need to know

Final Fantasy VII Remake Overwhelms With Spectacle

The Extremely Rare “Nintendo PlayStation” Prototype Just Sold For $360,000

We Turned on the ‘Nintendo PlayStation’

Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Sells For A Record-Breaking $100,150 February 14th 2020

Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Sells For $30,000 July 27th 2017

New York power plant mines Bitcoin using excess energy

The Internet Lives in a Huge Hotel in Manhattan

Reset Your Computer Once a Year for a Happier Life

You Know Who’s Really Addicted to Their Phones? The Olds.

Scientists find bacteria species related to chlamydia below Arctic Ocean

Dolly Parton wants to pose for Playboy for her 75th birthday

Snctm’s LA & NYC orgies thrusting onwards in face of coronavirus

Coronavirus hits NYC HQ of Wall Street billionaire Steve Cohen’s hedge fund

How you can use your computer to help fight COVID-19 coronavirus

Scientists Have Found a Way to Potentially Reduce Chemo Doses with CBD

CBD could help doctors use lower doses of chemotherapy