Why is direct marketing not considered spam

It has always interested me how direct marketing through traditional mail has never been considered spam. While receiving the same through email is considered a crime against humanity.

Direct marketers would argue that their unsolicited advertising is from legitimate local and national companies. While mostly true – there are many of those advertisers promoting services not always in the consumers’ best interest. I’m sure traditional marketers would argue that majority of email spam is from illegitimate companies, scams or criminals. While I would never argue that isn’t correct. It doesn’t make their cluttering up United States Postal Service boxes any more righteous than email spammers jamming inboxes.

I’m sure USPS would state that one reason for them still being in operation is direct marketing. For a few years longer they would most likely add Amazon to that.

Personally I make it a policy to not do business with anyone because of direct marketing. Unless I’ve already had a previous relationship with purchases from them.

I have absolute hate for door to door solicitors. Which most cities have no problems with as long as they pay a license fee. I can’t begin to list incidents with rude inconsiderate door knockers trying to sell an assortment of products. Those who leave pamphlets or other marketing attached to door handle or near door fall in same category.

Years ago there were crews that would travel country trying to sell magazines, perfume, cologne or other items. While riding a bus from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. I got to eavesdrop on one such crew’s conversation. Highly doubtful if most people would be buying anything from them if they had heard what I did. Drinking, partying and multiple methods they used to hustle customers to get sales. Although some might consider these “sales staff” to be victims. Once they learned about working conditions and their wages.

In almost all cases any marketing that comes through mail or door ends up in recycle bin and rarely gets a glance by me.

Only one exception I can think of to that. When we moved into a smaller community years ago – local businesses sent a welcome to area packet. I’m thinking a coupon or two in that got put to use.

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