Local Home Depot no longer a motherload for TerraCycle

Unfortunately the Jacksonville Illinois Home Depot is no longer a good source for TerraCycle products. The current TerraCycle stock consist of small size plant food. Last year this Home Depot carried every Worm Poop product except for the castings. This year we did exactly what we did previously. We called the store before making the 25 minute drive to Jacksonville. The lady on the phone stated that yes they had worm poop in stock. Cheryl said this is what the person on the phone called the product. So they must have been aware that the store sold it. What this person neglected to mention is that the product variety is no longer as plentiful as it had been in the past at this Home Depot.

When we got to the store I headed for the location we had found the product in last year. There was no TerraCycle to be found. Cheryl had someone track down an employee who was rather clueless about if they even carried this brand. This employee found someone else to help us locate what little TerraCycle they had in stock. It’s this male employee who gave us a story about how since TerraCycle is such a small company they couldn’t meet the supply demand of such a large company as Home Depot. This employee made it seem as if Home Depot would be discontinuing TerraCycle as a product choice. Recently Ace Hardware did this with Mythic Paint do to supply issues. What the real story with TerraCycle & Home Depot is I have no idea. All I know is the only somewhat local store I could find TerraCycle liquid worm poop lawn fertilizer & tree / shrub spikes at was this Home Depot.

The Parkway Pointe Target in Springfield still carries TerraCycle plant food and worm castings. This is the only local store I have found the worm castings in. Ace Hardware in Chatham, IL carries TerraCycle plant food but none of their other products. So it looks as if I’ll now have to buy TerraCycle products directly from them. Their website now directs you to a site I think they may have setup called shopONLYgreen. Unfortunately there is no affiliate program. So I can’t get a commission for sending sales there. However I can confirm with a quick glance that all TerraCycle products seem to be available there. It’s still a shame that local shoppers don’t have the full TerraCycle product line as a natural choice for their lawn care needs. This aggravates me in many ways. Granted trying to get people to try the more natural way of doing things is next to impossible. My neighbors love spraying poisons everywhere to kill weeds and to fertilizer their lawns. The local advertisements inside our local newspaper never seem to have any natural options being marketed as a choice. So I guess it could still be argued that people aren’t aware that other options are out there.


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Found TerraCycle motherload at Home Depot

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  1. Hi Iggy, I am with you, more people use things that are better choices only when they are easily available and affordable. And that includes me. I would love to go to Ace Hardware and find the green aisle of lawn and garden products. Someday maybe. Our yard is a natural oasis in a sea of poisons and petroleum products. Sometimes the only insects singing in the trees in late summer are in our yard. And the birds too, pretty much. But of course our take no prisoners lawn care neigbors complain about it. Darla

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