News and other Things I’ve found interesting April 20th 2020

A mix of old and new today. Not sure there will a lot of new. That might have to wait until Tuesday.

Tell Your Representative To Join The Call To Protect Transit Employees On The Front Lines

Apple: We respect your privacy so much we’ve revealed a little about what we can track when you use Maps

GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats sued by hangry, overcharged coronavirus customers

Chloroquine gave Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks ‘extreme’ side effects

USS Theodore Roosevelt Sailor Dies After Contracting COVID-19

Suspecting Cyber Attack, MSC Reports Network Outage

Trump takes back spotlight in ‘us vs. them’ war with states

Coronavirus: Bill Gates condemns Donald Trump for stopping US payments to World Health Organisation

Coronavirus: US to halt funding to WHO, says Trump

Australian man jailed for breaking quarantine to visit girlfriend

Perth man Jonathan David jailed for coronavirus quarantine breach

Florida woman trying to withdraw stimulus check finds $8.5M in her account

New York Orders Residents to Wear Masks in Public

Protesters clog streets in Michigan over Whitmer coronavirus stay-home order

More morons who deserve to catch the COVID19 and die. Unfortunately they won’t be culled from the herd. And yes I aware of pain and suffering that takes place when you have no money and are worried about keeping a roof over your head. Plenty of readers here over years would think that is a lie. But they have no clue what the full story of my life has been.

California Gov. Newsom’s coronavirus plan has grim implications for sports in 2020

Florida man freed from jail over coronavirus allegedly murdered someone the next day

Scheer and Trudeau on the defensive over weekend travel during pandemic lockdown

Fewer meetings, more toilet lids: What workplaces will look like after lockdowns

Navigating COVID-19 with a child who has disabilities

World’s ‘Longest Animal’ Discovered in Australia’s Deep Ocean

California governor says mass gatherings unlikely through summer

Princess Cruises Extends Sailing Suspension

Tanker Boarded But Later Released in Gulf of Oman

Hornbeck Offshore Services to File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Pre-Packaged Restructuring Agreement

Tanker Crew Credited with Saving Sailor’s Life 200 Miles Off New Jersey

Carnival Finds That Even 2021 Cruises Are Hard to Sell Right Now

Bulk Carrier Crew Charged with Attempted Murder After Allegedly Throwing Stowaways Overboard Off South Africa

Record Oil Output Cuts Fail to Make Waves in Coronavirus-Hit Market

Business of Shipping: What’s Happening with VLCC Storage?

Carnival Cruise Lines Extends Sailing Suspension Until June 27

Oil Price War Ends With Historic OPEC+ Deal to Slash Output

U.S. Navy Says Iran Revolutionary Guard Vessels Harassed U.S. Military Vessels in Arabian Gulf

Coronavirus Spreads on French Aircraft Carrier, Hundreds Infected

Callan Marine Wins $98 Million Dredging Contract to Deepen Corpus Christi Ship Channel

OPEC+ Outlines Record Oil Cut

U.S. CDC Extends “No Sail Order” for All Cruise Ships

Port of Los Angeles Volumes Plunge 30% in March

A New Day for the American Merchant Marine: The Philly Shipyard and National Security Multi-Mission Vessels

A Historic Moment for SUNY Maritime College New Training Ship Status

The History Of The USNS Mercy

ICS Issues New Guidance for Managing Ship and Seafarer Certificates During Coronavirus Crisis

With Sailors Stranded, Shipping Faces a Hard Choice