News and other Things I’ve found interesting April 28th 2020

It’s another Tuesday sheltering in place. Still no cash to get bike repaired – so rarely leave house. Mowed lawn yesterday.

Mike Huckaby (2020), legendary Detroit house music DJ

Black and Decker SPCM1936 Electric Lawn Mower unpacking box video Posted May 17, 2012

Used that mower yesterday. Long overdue for blade sharpening. Unfortunately not using either of 2 original battery packs. Had to purchase new pack few years ago. If I had the money I’d purchase mower using lithium battery.

Video below shows what current battery pack looks like.

Black & Decker RB-3612 Replacement 36V Battery Pack Posted May 10, 2012

The largest-ever Arctic ozone hole developed this spring. Now, scientists say it’s closed.

Case fatality rates rise as coronavirus runs deadly course

Tyson Foods takes out full-page ad: ‘The food supply chain is breaking’

Red Hat announces updates to the Ansible Automation Platform

Should the Block Editor Have a Grid System?

Bask in the Joy of Made-Up American Baseball Players’ Names From a 1994 Japanese Nintendo Game

The Weird, Dark History of 8chan

How 8chan Was Born — and Became the Worst Place on the Internet

Absolutely everything you need to know to understand 4chan, the Internet’s own bogeyman

How serial hoaxers duped the Internet with fake 4Chan threats against Emma Watson

March jobless rate rises to one-year high as coronavirus hits economy

Jakarta’s Trash Mountain: ‘When People Are Desperate for Jobs, They Come Here’

Nvidia closes $7 billion Mellanox purchase

‘Sure, it sounds unfair. But there’s nothing illegal about it’: How residents of Quad Cities trailer parks are getting pinched by real estate empires

Bill Gates Is Desperately Trying to Save Capitalism from Itself

The British expat paying $7,000 a month to swim in Singapore’s lockdown

Southern Illinois judge temporarily blocks Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order from applying to Republican state lawmaker who sued

Pritzker blasts GOP legislator’s lawsuit, saying downstate isn’t immune from virus

Illinois judge temporarily releases GOP state lawmaker from stay-at-home order extension

Southern Illinois judge temporarily blocks Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order from applying to Republican state lawmaker who sued

Republican firefight kicks off as protesters target GOP govs over closures

White House-allied conservatives band together to support economic reopening

Coronavirus: Care home deaths up as hospital cases fall

Bracing for the Coronavirus in an Empty Suburban Hospital

With schools shuttered, districts struggle to feed students and communities

UK delivery drivers: how have you been affected by coronavirus?

Covid-19: Only 268 cases & no deaths. How did Vietnam with 97 million people do it?

Vietnam locks down Son Loi district near Hanoi for 20 days

How Vietnam is winning its ‘war’ on coronavirus

More than 2,200 Indonesians who died may have had COVID-19 symptoms, data shows

Health Care Workers Feel Mixed About Easing Restrictions on Elective Surgeries

Photos show El Salvador’s crackdown on imprisoned gang members

Trump said he takes no responsibility for any spike in people using disinfectants improperly

Sean Hannity buys 500 Yankees tickets for New York health care workers

Top E.R. Doctor Who Treated Virus Patients Dies by Suicide

Top Manhattan ER doc commits suicide, shaken by coronavirus onslaught

EMT John Mondello kills himself after less than three months on the job

South Korean officials claim they know Kim Jong Un’s location

Coronavirus: UK failed to stockpile crucial PPE

Coronavirus: Remembering 100 NHS and healthcare workers who have died

How Patent Abuse Could Hurt the Fight Against the Pandemic

Coronavirus: Bondi Beach reopens to swimmers and surfers as lockdown relaxed in New South Wales

Hawaii won’t reopen anytime soon. Coronavirus stay-at-home order extended through May

Captain Tom Moore receives 125,000 cards for his 100th birthday

Coronavirus: Iraqi Kurdistan confirms first refugee camp case

Coronavirus pandemic inspires demand for UV airplane cleaner

In cash-loving Japan, banks still busy despite coronavirus emergency

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

MeTV’s ‘Collector’s Call’ Is One of TV’s Undiscovered Gems Found @KurtWerstein

British cinema chain to deliver film snacks via Uber Eats

Curzon and Uber Eats to deliver popcorn and hotdogs for movie night at home

Harry to introduce special royal episode of Thomas The Tank Engine featuring the Queen and Prince Charles