News and other Things I’ve found interesting May 5th 2020

Just another Tuesday with no cash in bank and busted bike still sitting in garage waiting to be repaired since November 2019. Enjoy my work that readers seem to value but not enough to throw me a thank you tip now and then.

Hackers target remote workers with fake Zoom downloader

California awards $500 million in transit and rail project grants

Wicker, Hyde-Smith, & Palazzo Announce Grant to Restore Gulf Coast Passenger Rail

Meet Waller, TX resident Jules, who attended one of our past open house meetings to address concerns she had about the noise of the high-speed train

United Airlines plans to cut more than 3,400 management jobs. Chicago could be especially hard-hit.

Coronavirus: Virgin Atlantic to cut 3,000 jobs and quit Gatwick

How an Iranian airline ‘helped spread coronavirus’

Coronavirus: Robin Swann ‘shocked’ at images of packed flight

Coronavirus: When will it be safe to fly again?

Dremio introduces AWS version, new features for cloud data lakes

Dremio releases Data Lake Engines for AWS and Azure

Coronavirus: The lure of mafia money during the crisis

5-year-old stopped for ‘impaired driving’ in Ogden after mom wouldn’t buy him Lamborghini

Red Lamborghini 2014 International Route 66 Mother Road Festival Springfield Illinois

‘You’re 5 Years Old. Wow!’ Child Is Stopped on Highway Headed for California

Five-year-old caught driving parents’ car in Utah

UK car sales plunge to lowest level since 1946

Sweden’s male-only supper clubs…for feminists

22-year-old Barbie wants the biggest lips in the world

Clever cat leads supermarket shopper to the pet food section

In Wake of Pandemic, Kevin Smith Begs CA to Accept E-Signatures for Cannabis Petition

Filmmaker Kevin Smith Requests Digital Signatures For Marijuana Initiative Due To Coronavirus

Kevin Smith Says Smoking Pot Saved Him During Heart Attack, but Doctors Disagree Published on May 3, 2018

Indiana newspaper’s top editor is now a ‘homeless’ blogger

Newspaper’s Top Editor Is Now a ‘Homeless’ Blogger

Disney suffers $1.4bn hit due to coronavirus

Daniel Radcliffe delights fans with Harry Potter video reading

Water buffalo attack leaves one dead and two hurt in Usk

Why we should all be wearing face masks

The groundbreaking way to search lungs for signs of Covid-19

AI tool which analysed COVID-19 in Wuhan available to NHS

Coronavirus doctor’s diary: Is lockdown good for your heart?

Coronavirus: US allies tread lightly around Trump lab claims

Coronavirus: Hands on with NHS Covid-19 contact-tracing app

Coronavirus: I watched the president reveal I had Covid-19 on TV

How To Stop Spam Comments on Your WordPress Website

Trombone Shorty on what happens when New Orleans’ musical heartbeat falls silent

Beachgoers Discover 90 Pounds of Cannabis Washed Up on Florida Beach Article used old school term square groupers do describe the bundles

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Ordered 57 Tons of Weed Since March

Woman who ‘wanted to get close to alligator’ dragged to her death

Mozambique: Is Cabo Delgado the latest Islamic State outpost?

Mozambique’s lucrative ruby mines

How Mozambique’s smuggling barons nurtured jihadists

Shop ‘stabbing’: Murder arrest after Penygraig Co-op incident

Flint Family Dollar security guard killed after turning away customer without mask

Three family members charged in shooting death of security guard who told a customer to put on a face mask

A Georgia man was chased and killed while jogging, his mother says

Sheriff’s Department investigating after man wears KKK hood while grocery shopping in Santee