News and other Things I’ve found interesting May 18th 2020

We are at another manic Monday. Got 75% of yard half-assed mowed before light rain started. Rain and battery operated electric mower while probably not huge risk of injury – not a chance I’m willing to take. So cleaned up sidewalk, street and driveway of grass clippings and called it a day.

Black and Decker SPCM1936 Electric Lawn Mower unpacking box video Posted May 17, 2012

That is mower I used. Not using original battery packs. Purchased a replacement pack a year or two ago.

Data breach in new Illinois online unemployment system exposes private information

Illinois Department of Employment Security Glitch in a newly launched state system for processing unemployment claims for gig workers publicly exposed personal information

Twin tornadoes and a deluge batter Decatur area Sunday

Convicted ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich officially disbarred

Convicted ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich officially disbarred – Chicago Tribune

Uber laying off another 3,000 workers, raising more questions about the company’s future in Chicago

Uber halts construction in The Old Post Office, marking Chicago’s first big office project delayed by the coronavirus

The Confessions of Marcus Hutchins, the Hacker Who Saved the Internet

Dutch spies helped Britain’s GCHQ break Argentine crypto during Falklands War

Australian government justifies decision to go with AWS for COVIDSafe

How the CIA Trains Spies to Hide in Plain Sight

How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans From Tehran

US Navy has secret video of UFO encounter, report says

The Navy Has Secret Classified Video of an Infamous UFO Incident

Microsoft buys cloud communications software vendor Metaswitch Networks to bolster 5G

Huawei: 5G U-turn would be a bad idea

Huawei hits back at US as TSMC cuts off chip orders

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) stops new Huawei orders after U.S. restrictions: Nikkei

Conviction overturned after 20 years in Queens armored car heist; suspect still in prison on weapons possession charges

Worker delivering milk to Queens school crushed to death by truck

Ken Osmond Eddie Haskell on “Leave It to Beaver”

Frank Bielec “Trading Spaces” designer

‘Trading Spaces’ designer Frank Bielec dead at 72

‘Trading Spaces’ designer Frank Bielec dies of heart attack at 72

I went to a 50-person Zoom party and I may never recover

A New Site Connects ‘Egirls’ With Gamers—for a Fee

Coronavirus football: FC Seoul apologises for ‘sex dolls’ in stands

South Korean football team apologises for using sex dolls to fill stands

South Korean football club sorry for ‘X-rated’ sex doll controversy

South Korean football club sorry for ‘X-rated’ sex doll controversy

South Korean soccer team fills stadium with sex dolls

Sex should be avoided for 30 days after coronavirus recovery: study says

Pole dancing and hand sanitizer: Wyoming strip club reopens with ‘masks on, clothes off’ party Found @JeffRichgels

South Korea’s K-League to begin new season with restrictions on talking

Ligue 1: Paris St-Germain awarded French title as season finished early

Bundesliga: ‘Bizarre, sterile and eerie’ – what it was really like inside one of Germany’s ‘Ghost Games’

German Bundesliga returns: What did football’s new reality look like?

Bundesliga: Players need to respect clear guidelines – Robert Klein

Premier League’s Project Restart set to move a step closer

Premier League clubs facing £340m TV refund even if season resumes

Virus tests on EPL players ahead of return-to-training talks

Premier League admits fans may not be allowed to return for a year

Premier League: Restrictions in place for team training under ‘Project Restart’

Premier League clubs confident neutral venues stance to be reversed

Playground football: Which rules would make Premier League better?

More substitutes and option to stop VAR when football season resumes

Project Restart: Premier League plan surprise inspections during training

Klopp on missing ‘the boys’ and meeting Gerrard during lockdown

Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager’s journey from Black Forest to heroic status at Anfield

Detroit City FC: The football team rising from America’s biggest ruin

Horse racing behind closed doors: How it works in Hong Kong and elsewhere

Keirin School: Inside the strict and secret world of bicycle racing in Japan

Mike Tyson wows Donald Trump in a ‘Greatest Fight’ with Michael Spinks

Coronavirus vaccine: First evidence jab can train immune system

Coronavirus: France and Germany propose €500bn recovery fund

Coronavirus: Trump taking unproven drug hydroxychloroquine

Trump says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine in case he gets coronavirus, even though drug is unproven for fighting COVID-19

Yet another study shows hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work against Covid-19 and could cause heart problems

Association of Treatment With Hydroxychloroquine or Azithromycin With In-Hospital Mortality in Patients With COVID-19 in New York State

Trump vaccine czar forgoes $3M windfall as ex-firm’s stock soars — and he flip flops on conflict

Coronavirus: They grabbed my breasts and said, ‘You’re not a woman’

NYPD cops find 60 children taking classes in Brooklyn Yeshiva despite coronavirus lockdown