News and other Things I’ve found interesting June 4th 2020

We are at another Thursday. USA is far from at peace still.

Puffins’ Farne Islands nesting areas ‘may expand without tourists’

Couples should wear face masks during sex, new study insists

St. Louis Record Stores Vintage Vinyl, Planet Score and Euclid Records Reopen

Motherboard Protest Digital Security Guide 2020

Illinois Wins Grant That Will Benefit Amtrak Hiawatha Expansion

Jaguar dealers are offering whopping $20,000 discounts on the I-Pace EV

Marijuana Legalization and the Fight for Racial Justice

Passing the Great American Outdoors Act would support, protect outdoor recreation in Washington

Herb Stempel 1950s TV quiz show whistleblower

Herbert Stempel American Experience PBS

Herbert Milton Stempel was an American television game show contestant and subsequent whistleblower

Herb Stempel, Quiz Show Whistle-Blower, Is Dead at 93

Herb Stempel, Whistleblower in the 1950s Quiz Show Scandals, Dies at 93

Not just its retro console that’s MIA, Atari is a no-show in court, too: Reborn biz loses to hardware architect over unpaid wages

Still waiting for your Atari retro gaming console? You’re not alone: Its architect has just sued the biz for ‘non-payment’

We sent a vulture to find the relaunched Atari box – and all he got was this lousy baseball cap

Game over: Atari VCS architect quits project, claims he hasn’t been paid for six months

On Instagram, Black Squares Overtook Activist Hashtags

Right thing to do for wrong reasons. Hashtags are spammy Internet graffiti.

Roku removes dedicated QAnon channel that launched last month

Roku is offering an entire channel dedicated to QAnon

Facebook removes QAnon ‘fringe conspiracy’ groups ahead of 2020 election

Facebook Employees Stage Virtual Walkout Because of Zuckerberg’s Inaction Over Trump Posts

Zuckerberg vs. His Staff: Facebook Employees Livid Over Refusal to Censor Trump

Former Facebook employees forcefully join the chorus against Mark Zuckerberg

Early Facebook Employees Disavow Zuckerberg’s Stance on Trump Posts

Trump and his allies are now openly threatening Americans with violence

Nine things we learned from leaked audio of Mark Zuckerberg facing his employees

What Facebook doesn’t understand about the Facebook walkout

Roku backpedals and takes down InfoWars channel after public outcry

Reddit’s QAnon ban points to how it’s tracking toxic communities

The Pentagon’s Hand-Me-Downs Helped Militarize Police. Here’s How

George Floyd: How are African-Americans treated under the law?

George Floyd death: Archbishop attacks Trump as US unrest continues

With MeidasTouch, 3 Brothers Are Creating Visceral Ads by Using Trump’s Words Against Him

Analysis | President Trump made 19,127 false or misleading claims in 1,226 days

How Photographers Sought to Redefine the Image of Alaska’s Sexual Assault Survivors

White supremacists pose as Antifa online, call for violence

Opinion | Every crisis America faces has been made worse by Trump

Trump blocked Sarah Cooper on Twitter. Now she calls him her ‘head writer’

This appears to be a military helicopter circling Dupont /West End, just above the buildings

Protester loses eye after being struck by police tear gas canister

George Floyd had ‘violent criminal history’: Minneapolis police union chief

A new start turns to a tragic end for George Floyd, who moved to Minneapolis determined to turn his life around after being released from prison in Texas

Donald Trump boasts he’s the best president for black America ‘since Abraham Lincoln’ one day after tear-gassing Black Lives Matter protesters for a photo-op

Police release surveillance video they claim shows Louisville restaurant owner David McAtee, 53, firing FIRST at cops before being fatally shot by officers who had their body cams switched off

Talk about a control plane… US Air Force says upcoming B-21 stealth bomber will use Kubernetes

DevStar Office of the Chief Software Officer, U.S Air Force

The Military and FBI Are Flying Surveillance Planes Over Protests

Google faces class action for allegedly tracking private browsing activity

Police facial recognition tech could misidentify people at protests, experts say

Minneapolis Cops Sued for Shooting, Beating, and Gassing Over a Dozen Journalists

Minneapolis Police Union president says he’s been involved in 3 shootings and none ‘bothered’ him

Google Helps Place Ads on Sites Amplifying Covid-19 Conspiracies

Grindr will remove ethnicity filters in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

Spanish porn actor arrested over fatal toad venom ceremony

Major Hydroxychloroquine Trial Shows No Prevention Benefits

A Randomized Trial of Hydroxychloroquine as Postexposure Prophylaxis for Covid-19