News and other Things I’ve found interesting June 5th 2020

Another week has flown by and we are at another Friday. My fridge is empty and bank overdrawn. Bills needing paid and I can’t get one reader to show any monetary love for my work. Isn’t life grand!

If 10% of last months Unique IPs hit the donate text for just a $1. I could cover rent and food.

Comcast restored for some Central Illinois customers after widespread outage

Xfinity X1 DVR self install kit

Comcast outage was Wednesday June 3rd 2020.

My tweets in regards that Comcast outage.

Truck knocked out Comcast signal to most of Midwest U.S.

Problems at Comcast

Comcast restored for some Central Illinois customers after widespread outage

Putin orders state of emergency after huge fuel spill inside Arctic Circle

Where the river runs red: can Norilsk, Russia’s most polluted city, come clean?

Rare Lustron Steel House For Sale in Illinois [PHOTOS]

Thousands of People Are Monitoring Police Scanners During the George Floyd Protests

Apps Have More People Tuning In To Police Chatter When Disaster Strikes

Why are police scanners open to the public?

Use of police scanners threatened

Public safety network has ‘eye-opening’ first real-world test

Critical SAP Sybase ASE bugs allowed full system takeover

Hackers hijack one of Coincheck’s domains for spear-phishing attacks

New cold boot attack affects seven years of LG Android smartphones

Quebec maple syrup harvest hits record this year

Inside Quebec’s maple syrup cartel

Maple Syrup ‘Cartel’: Federation Of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers

The Maple Syrup Mafia

Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist

Six elephants killed in one day by poachers in Ethiopia

Local health officials shy away from confronting the meat industry over COVID-19 outbreaks

As Meatpacking Plants Reopen, Data About Worker Illness Remains Elusive

The meat industry is trying to get back to normal. But workers are still getting sick — and shortages may get worse.

Wisconsin sees its largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases and its first children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome

A Hand Sanitizer Made From Weed Terpenes Is Coming to Whoop COVID-19’s Ass

A Comprehensive Review of the Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral Potential of Essential Oils and Their Chemical Constituents Against Drug-Resistant Microbial Pathogens

Cannabinoids and Viral Infections

Wisconsin’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order drove changes in state’s traffic volume

Fauci says he’s optimistic about coronavirus vaccine protection but concerned how long it will last

Russian city of St. Petersburg reports spike in deaths in May amid COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus: How the UK is sleeencing

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ping under lockdown

Is coronavirus changing the world of cleaning?

Coronavirus: Rumours, fear and rising Covid deaths in Pakistan

Key Rail Passengers Victories Secured in TRAIN Act!

Efforts to restore Amtrak route across southern Montana gain momentum

Amtrak Timetable Archives

Amtrak Train Schedules & Timetables

New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (NORTA) to move operations, maintenance in-house

U.S. FAA chief to testify at Senate hearing on Boeing 737 MAX

Standing Rock Tribe Wins in Court After Years of Perseverance

A federal judge struck down permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline, even after COVID-19 precautions led to an unconventional day in court.

SpaceX debuts upgraded drone ship with record-breaking rocket landing

SpaceX has successfully launched and landed the same Falcon 9 booster five times for the first time ever.

Virgin Trains Brightline High-Speed Railway Lays Track to Orlando International Airport

Amtrak train stations reopen after nearly 10 weeks

President Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address

Protesters’ breach of temporary fences near White House complex prompted Secret Service to move Trump to secure bunker

‘Abhorrent’ and ‘dangerous’: Sen. Cotton’s call for military response to protests receives criticism

Newsroom Breaks Into Open Revolt After New York Times Publishes Call for Military Crackdown

New York Times writers condemn decision to run senator’s op-ed calling for military mobilization

Esper Breaks With Trump on Using Troops Against Protesters

Esper orders hundreds of active-duty troops outside DC sent home day after reversal

George Floyd protests: Ex-top general rebukes Trump’s troops threat

George Floyd death: China takes a victory lap over US protests

George Floyd: Five pieces of context to understand the protests

Ahmaud Arbery: White man ‘used racial slur’ after shooting black jogger

Reno casinos reopening: Silver Legacy, Peppermill, Bonanza back in business

Sega Master System (SMS) is a third-generation 8-bit home video game console manufactured by Sega

Sega Master System – blown 7805 – easy fix

Sega Master System Voltage Regulator Mod/Upgrade

Fixing a SEGA Master System help!

Power Adapter Specs for Sega Master System II

Can A NES Adapter break a Sega CD?

Sega Master System No Power – Faulty Voltage Regulator

Master System Voltage Regulator Upgrade/Modification

Cleaning and Restoring a Sega Master System II

Sega Master System Doesn’t Work

Can’t get my Sega master systems 2 to work

Blockify the WordPress Dashboard with the Mission Ctrl Plugin

Automattic Invests $4.6M in New Vector, Creators of the Matrix Open Standard for Decentralized Communication

Matrix An open network for secure, decentralized communication

Liberate your communication

Communicate the way you want with Riot – a universal secure chat app entirely under your control.

Riot Android

RiotX is the next-generation Matrix client for Android

Riot iOS

Download Riot Desktop

Jitsi Meet More secure, more flexible, and completely free video conferencing is a free and open-source software instant messaging client based on the Matrix protoco

Version 4.1.6 of the Akismet WordPress Plugin is Now Available

Definitive Guide: Migrate from to

Easy Ways to Embed Google Maps in WordPress Site [No Coding Required]