News and other Things I’ve found interesting June 11th 2020

Yet another week has sped past. We are at another Thursday. I’m still broke and life heading down a toilet quick. No life raft to be found.

Test your home network performance

Alaska’s Controversial Pebble Mine Was Dead. Not Anymore.

Alaska Gold Watch S2012 E4 FRONTLINE PBS

Senate report: Chinese telecom firms operated in US without proper oversight for decades

Chinese telecom firms operated for decades in US without proper oversight

Cyberattacks since the murder of George Floyd

FBI warns hackers are targeting mobile banking apps

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Increased Use of Mobile Banking Apps Could Lead to Exploitation

FBI warns about cybercriminals exploiting mobile banking apps

US moots legal scrutiny of commercial spyware

Illinois recreational cannabis sales set another record in May with more than $44 million in transactions despite the coronavirus

Woman on the brink of death receives first known double lung transplant due to COVID-19 in US

As US lockdowns roll back, there’s been an alarming rise in coronavirus cases. Here’s what’s driving surges in some states.

Fears of second coronavirus outbreak hit global shares

Coronavirus: Patients turned away as India hospitals struggle

A Woman Who Makes Bags For Michael Kors Was Sent To One Of The Most Crowded Prisons In The World For A Facebook Post

‘A Slow Healing Process’: Slammed By the Dairy Crisis, Shuttered By the Coronavirus, Small Towns Forge Ahead

Counterfeit Masks Reaching Frontline Health Workers in U.S.

Chicago police investigating protest video where officer is heard using gay slur

2 Chicago cops relieved of police powers after woman says officers pulled her from car and placed knee on her neck

Chicago police made coffee and popcorn in US Rep. Bobby Rush’s office while shopping plaza was being looted; Mayor Lori Lightfoot apologizes

2 CTA bus drivers removed from service after video appears to show one of them slamming a person to the pavement

Lollapalooza promoter to pay Chicago Park District $750,000 for canceled fest

Mississippi lawmakers drafting resolution to take Confederate emblem off state flag: report

Milley discussed resigning from post after Trump photo-op

Starbucks bans employees from wearing anything in support of Black Lives Matter

Starbucks Won’t Let Employees Wear Gear That Supports Black Lives Matter Because It Is Political Or Could Incite Violence

Advertisers block ‘Black Lives Matter’ keywords, while public support for the movement skyrockets: Thursday Wake-Up Call

Seattle police seek to reclaim abandoned precinct in ‘autonomous zone’ set up by protesters

Decatur police chief talks crime, police standards and code of conduct

Decatur car with illegally tinted windows leads to multiple weapons charges, police say

Car in Tuesday chase involved in pursuit Wednesday, Decatur police say

Export logs from Cloudflare Gateway with Logpush

Router Setup Instructions – Cloudflare Gateway

Tanium’s endpoint security meets Cloudflare for Teams

High Availability Load Balancers with Maglev

UtahFS: Encrypted File Storage

Ladies and Gentlemen…Cloudflare TV!

MTV Original Broadcast 8/1/1981

How we use HashiCorp Nomad

Column: Chicago’s new ‘shared street’ tilts the balance in favor of pedestrians, bikers and social distancing. But it’s tinkering, not structural change.

In Japan and France, Riding Transit Looks Surprisingly Safe

Getting the wheels back on Japan’s travel industry

Free drive-in movie nights, coming soon to an airport near you

Seattle mayor responds to Trump: ‘Go back to your bunker’

Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel on PS5 features Miles Morales