Jamis Coda Sport derailleur bent

My Jamis Coda Sport derailleur bent November 3rd 2019. It had just received it’s first year Winter maintenance September 18th 2019 at Bicycle Doctor where it was purchased.

I thought my back tire might be running a bit low. So instead of continuing home I made a stop at Stuart Park. Unfortunately that day bike pump station there had no compression. I asked an older gentleman on a recumbent bicycle if he had a pump and showing him park one had no compression. Unfortunately he didn’t – but we had a rather long chat before he took off.

So I waited for ages in cold. Person who would normally arrive to my rescue refused to acknowledge me that day. Finally after a very long wait I found a cyclist willing to bring back their pump. And here is where the problem arises.

I was in a hurry and only trying to get enough air in tire to get home. At this point I had been out in cold for sometime. I don’t recall derailleur being lifted up while airing tire. Maybe I missed it. Either way while I was about to ride off while thanking person who provided pump – catastrophe strikes. I used some colorful language and was left on my own.

Back tire would not actually move at that point. I had to maneuver derailleur a few different times and ways before I could get movement. At that point I started to walk home. Which would have been a very long cold walk if not once again for kindness of strangers.

Two riders stopped and asked if I was OK – I tried my best to explain my situation. There was a bit of debate on providing me a way home. Understandable considering neither person knew me. I stated although it was a long walk – I did have a small portable heater and would walk if they chose not to provide rescue.

A woman who I assume is a well known member of Springfield Bicycle Club decided to have mercy on me. She headed back to retrieve her vehicle and get me home out of cold. Yes I remember last name of this person. But no need to name them. She did mention only seeing one other person with a similar issue. Actually asked to take a picture when we got it back home. Which I had no problem with.

Since November 3rd 2019 bike has sat in garage. Derailleur bent and beautiful red paint chipped. Money has been practically non-existent starting in 2019. Barely had enough cash to cover yearly maintenance in September. Since my former other half refused to take it into shop = I had to ask for it to be picked up. If Robert hadn’t been kind enough to do that – it wouldn’t have made it in for it’s end of year check-up.

Since it hasn’t been to bike shop after incident. I have no way of knowing if this was user error – huge blunder on my part or a warranty covered problem. If it was later – it most likely wouldn’t be covered now.

I have had worst luck of any bicycle I’ve previously owned with this one. It had been over a decade since I last owned a bike.

This Jamis Coda Sport previously had several spokes break. That was May 15th 2019. Determined to be metal fatigue bad metal batch. That was warranty covered. Tube on I think it was front tire was installed twisted at factory. Again that repair was covered.

While this is far from top of line in world of bicycles. This is most I have ever paid for one. Had better luck with cheap Mongoose Mountain bike years ago. Only stopped riding after an accident due to dehydration and getting tired of fighting to get it in each year for maintenance.

At this point last year I had ridden 922 miles.

Here are my 2019 stats up until bike broke.

Total miles = 2926.12

Total Rides = 167

Picked up purchased bikes on April 11th 2019.

Former other half bought a Coda Sport Femme for herself. She only rode it about 4 times last year unfortunately.

I actually rode from shop to house that day.

3 photos above were taken June 11th 2020. 2 others were taken November 2019 day of incident when I got bike back in garage.

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