Local Automotive X PRIZE competitor Illuminati Motor Works interviewed on WICS ABC 20 Video

Local Automotive X PRIZE competitor Illuminati Motor Works was interviewed for a segment on WICS ABC 20. I didn’t get to watch the news that evening do to a problem we ended up having with our car when I got home from the Illuminati Motor Works Media Day ( Saturday June 27, 2009 ). The video that was broadcast is currently available on the WICS Channel 20 website.

I was present during the taping of this video. I’ve not taken the time to actually view the end production. It’ll be interesting to see what made the cut. I’m sure anyone who watches the segment will agree Team Captain Kevin Smith is informative but also well suited for the task of marketing their project. He’ll definitely keep you busy with the technical and scientific aspects of the vehicle build. These are things a bit over my head to be honest. I’m mostly interested in the challenge, the product and the results. Anyone who reads here often will know I feel our reliance upon fossil fuels is ridiculous. Illuminati Motor Works in their decision to build an all electric vehicle have chosen a path that could help reduce our dependency on that limited resource.

Using the links below readers can learn more about the Automotive X PRIZE competition and it’s goals. You can also read about how the Central Illinois team mentioned above is working to accomplish this task and hopefully win the competition as an underdog. It should be kept in mind that Illuminati Motor Works is actively looking for more sponsorship partners to offset the out of pocket expenses of the project. Hyundai is a Co-Sponsor whose support is greatly appreciated. But I’d venture a guess that any further donations or partnerships would be welcomed. Electric Vehicle Components recently signed on as a sponsor after Illuminati Motor Works made a team decision to build an all electric vehicle.

I’d like to give a quick thanks to the Illuminati Motor Works Team for the invitation to attend their Media Day. It was an interest way to spend a day. Not to mention the fact that it’s been years since I have been behind the scenes at any type of television production. There was one other extensive video documentary made that day. That one should have less time constraints & I’m sure less content will hit the cutting room floor during editing.

It was pointed out more than once that is sad to not see more local enthusiasm for this project. Local media has given coverage several times. But financial contributions and buzz have been hit and miss. The team has seen some national and international exposure though. As far away as the Netherlands.

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Illuminati Motor Works will be on Discovery Channel show Brink tonight

Below are links to some subjects we discussed at different times during Media Day. Channel 20 was long gone by this time.

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There was an interesting discussion that led to two of us pulling out our Make Magazines. I had mentioned Philip Torrone because he did demonstrations and also spoke at Gnomedex.

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Want to learn more about the Illuminati Motor Works Team and their electric car project? I’ll help you do just that with the resources below.

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Local Automotive X PRIZE competitor on WICS ABC 20 Video

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