News and other Things I’ve found interesting June 26th 2020

It’s a frazzled Friday. Another week has blazed by at record speed. I’m still broke as can be. Bike still in need of repair – since November 2019 – don’t have cash or way to get it to shop. Need to find a new place to lay my head very soon.

US accuses Assange of recruiting LulzSec hackers

US House sweeping passes police reform bill

Connecticut man arrested after tweeting ‘imma kill a cop today’

UK Foreign Office urged to secure safety of three human rights activists

Hong Kong protesters flee to Taiwan to continue China resistance

Coronavirus Live Updates: As New U.S. Cases Hit Another Record, Some States Delay Reopenings

Michigan candidate’s daughter urges people not to vote for him in viral tweet

Starbucks employee receives more than $16K in tips after refusing to serve a customer who wasn’t wearing a mask

It’s time to spin AWS out of Amazon: They regulate utilities, don’t they?

Why aren’t people smarter? The dubious benefits of intelligence, real or artificial

With Silicon Macs, Apple leaves the PC industry behind

Large majority of county voters say Trump’s nominating convention will be a virus-spreading event

‘Coming back and biting us’: US sees virus resurgence

Lagos distributes free phones to pupils to bridge digital divide

Singapore chooses Nokia, Ericcson over Huawei to build core 5G network

The Pokémon Go grandpa’s bike evolves to hold 64 smartphones

7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Southern Mexico, Killing at Least Five People

Burnley fan responsible for ‘white lives matter’ stunt sacked from his job

Burnley fan AND his girlfriend are both SACKED from their jobs after he chartered the plane that flew White Lives Matter banner over Etihad stadium

The Burnley fan responsible for the ‘White Lives Matter’ banner flyover at the Etihad has been sacked from his job

Company that ran ‘white lives matter Burnley’ banner flight faces scrutiny

‘Major incident’ declared in Bournemouth as thousands flock to beaches on hottest day of the year

Family who have been ‘shielding’ for 14 weeks to protect one-year-old son told it was a mistake

Coronation Street star ‘banned’ from dating site because they thought he was an impersonator

Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson reveals she’s bisexual

GMB’s Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid hit with 264 Ofcom complaints for being ‘rude’

De Blasio plans to install Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower

Clayton to identify and possibly remove ‘symbols of oppression and exclusion’

Donald Trump claims protesters want to pull down statues of Jesus – video

How the Virus Won

Former boxing champ Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran infected with COVID-19

Coronavirus Australia: Scott Morrison to meet bank chiefs as economic cliff looms

Australia on track to further ease coronavirus curbs, PM Morrison says

Coronavirus: restaurants and malls to operate at 60 per cent capacity

Trump says push for less coronavirus testing was sarcasm

Surprising cost of keeping an electric fan on overnight as temperatures continue to rise

Cost of keeping an electric fan running all night as UK sizzles in 31C heatwave

Japan to create guidelines to improve conditions for freelancers

Police chiefs are cracking down on misconduct including brutality and overt racism ? and are losing their own jobs, too

Feds would be banned from using facial recognition under new bill