News and other Things I’ve found interesting July 13th 2020

Took awhile off from daily list – honestly need to put focus back on video content and getting older articles cleaned up. Past few years I have slowly tried to make it easier for readers to find related articles. Fridge and cabinets empty of food – bills still overdue. Of course readers are not using that provide monetary thank you text.

Long overdue next generation passenger cars for Amtrak rail corridors in Midwest and California might finally be arriving this year. Nippon Sharyo U.S.A failed to get those cars out door at their former Illinois factory. Siemens took over production of this rolling stock.

Siemens’ manufactured Charger locomotives that run most Midwest routes. Charger locomotives have mostly replaced aging GE ( General Electric ) engines. Long distance routes still use GE’s. That should change over next few years as more Charger locomotives arrive.

New passenger cars will have similar design to those Brightline now Virgin USA uses in Florida.

Amtrak Siemens Illinois, California Cars On The Horizon After nearly a decade’s delays, new coaches for Illinois Dept. of Transportation services are expected to begin shipping in August.

New Midwest trains will be modern, single-level Siemens design

Siemens replaces Nippon Sharyo in multi-state coach order

Rochelle rail-car plant loses $352 million Amtrak contract to California

Amtrak Tests New Siemens Passenger Equipment on Northeast Corridor

Siemens in, Nippon Sharyo out of Caltrans pact

Nippon Sharyo closing northern Illinois railcar plant

Nippon Sharyo announces layoffs in Rochelle

Nippon Sharyo cutting 110 more jobs

Nippon Sharyo puts 100 workers at Rochelle plant on hiatus

Maker of Japan’s bullet train chosen for US cars Somehow they build better rail rolling stock in Japan than they did in United States. Siemens had to pick up the pieces.

​Siemens Sacramento nabs $240M multistate contract

Siemens Awarded $225 Million Contract for Multi-State Passenger Rail Locomotive Procurement

Siemens wins US high-speed train contract, outbids rivals Caterpillar, GE

Siemens Charger Units Unveiled with Amtrak Midwest Logo New Locomotives Serving Amtrak Customers on State-sponsored Trains in the Midwest

New Amtrak Midwest locomotives: faster, cleaner and quieter

Amtrak service rolls out cleaner Siemens diesel-electric locomotives

Siemens shows first complete Charger locomotive

Siemens Charger is a family of diesel-electric passenger locomotive designed and manufactured by Siemens Mobility for the North American market

Amtrak state-supported corridors Siemens Charger

Siemens completes first Brightline coach carshell

Brightline unveils Siemens locomotives and coaches

Siemens hands over final Amtrak Cities Sprinter ACS-64 locomotive

Japan’s Shinkansen: Revolutionary design at 50

Electronia Brings Energica Electric Super Bikes To South Africa, Targets More Countries Across The Continent

How Bike Brands Are Navigating a Boom Fueled by Covid-19

Lego teases buildable NES set following leaks

Electric car maker Fisker to go public through SPAC deal at $2.9 billion valuation

Fisker Karma Doubletree By Hilton Raleigh NC

India’s Largest Building Integrated Vertical Solar System & The Road Ahead

Telstra says it will protect clients’ data under Hong Kong security law, but has no plans to pull out

You Don’t Need Single-Use Plastic Bags. You Need a Mask

Your mask feels uncomfortable? Get over it. As a surgeon, I know how vital they are.

Trump’s rage at Fauci just boomeranged back on him

The White House’s maligning of Anthony Fauci, annotated

Fauci on Trump claim that 99 percent of COVID-19 cases are ‘harmless’: ‘Obviously not’

US testing official: ‘Dr. Fauci is not 100 percent right’

American Cargo Ship Rescues Mariners in Distress in Pacific

Head-On Collision in Great Lakes’ Welland Canal – Caught on Camera

Video shows two ships colliding on Welland Canal

VW starts selling ID.3 electric car on July 20

How to upgrade from Linux Mint 19.3 to the latest version Mint 20

How to use apps to draw on a computer with Chrome

Get to know Illinois: 15 state symbols

A tour of Decatur murals, in 14 photos

Mount Zion residents through the years

Cyclist injured at Oak/Michigan under similar circumstances as Blaine Klingenberg’s death

Decatur COVID nurse returns home with new appreciation

German health minister warns against gatherings: ‘I’m really not a party pooper’

California officials rolling back reopenings as coronavirus surge creates new crisis

Coronavirus is spreading in fraternity houses, raising concerns for campuses opening this fall

A closed border, pandemic-weary tourists and a big bottleneck at Glacier National Park

Trump administration’s move on visas is ‘dream-crashing’ for Indian students and families

U.S. judge delays first federal executions in 17 years

9-year-old honor roll student shot as he filmed TikTok videos

9-year-old shot 4 times in East Atlanta was filming TikTok videos, mother says

Two Texas cops shot dead responding to domestic disturbance call

Police officer charged, fired after holding gun to handcuffed man’s head for refusing to give his name

Man who trespassed at Decatur police headquarters gets arrested, police say

Tougher sentences for attacks on emergency workers considered

Naya Rivera: Police find body in search for missing Glee star

Live Line Demos 2013 Illinois State Fair

Lanes reopened after Logan County crash involving power lines