News and other Things I’ve found interesting July 15th 2020

Finally got my first meal in 3 days last night. Fridge and cabinets are still empty of food. Obviously no damn luck or saviors who are going to use that donation text to resolve that problem. So I’m back to at least a couple days of water only.

Former other half still hasn’t dropped off more boxes to get rest of house packed. I still have no idea if I will have a roof over my head in a 2 weeks time.

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‘He has screamed relentlessly’: Feral peacock divides Oakland neighborhood

Peafowl on the loose at Henson Robinson Zoo

North Oakland Neighbors Divided Over ‘Peter’ the Feral Peacock

Peacock Call PEACOCK Sounds- and Pictures for learning

L.A. Then and Now: Peacocks are one of Arcadia founder’s legacies

NIMBY turkey menaces visitors at Oakland rose garden

New footage: Coyotes take to SF rooftops, frolic in yards

How are the Pier 39 sea lions doing? We took a drone to find out

She took a job at Pier 39 over 30 years ago. Then, the sea lions came.

Webcam Celebrating 30 Years of Sea Lions at PIER 39 – PIER 39

Bird plucks an alarmed shark from the ocean, takes it for a ride

Alameda County allowed to reopen outdoor dining, Oakland Zoo after state approves variance

Navajo Nation has a suggestion for the new name of Washington’s football team

Riot is now Element Welcome to Element!

Covering up the camera could damage your laptop: Apple

Tesla Model 3 resale value is over five times better than industry average: study

Tesla Model S X Roadster Superchargers Store locations videos photos articles

WSDOT is selling passenger rail cars previously used in Amtrak Cascades service

Talgo train Amtrak Cascades King Street Station Seattle

Talgo train set Amtrak Cascades Portland Union Station

What lies beneath DC? A lot more tunnels than you might think!

Metro Bike-On-Rail Guidelines

Amtrak Capitol Limited racing passed DC Metro

Amtrak Acela Northeast Regional MARC Metro Virginia Railway Express trains Union Station Washington D.C.

The D.C. Underground Atlas

The Virginia Avenue Tunnel is halfway finished, meaning bigger freight trains can now pass through DC December 28, 2016

First Virginia Avenue Tunnel Complete

SEPTA subway–surface trolley lines

Green Line is a light rail system run by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in the Boston, Massachusetts

Woman on BART sets own hair on fire, dives head first into seat to extinguish

Here’s a fascinating story about the old Lorton, Virginia prison

Judge Dismisses Cruise Passengers’ COVID-19 Lawsuits

Class Action Suits Face Uphill Battle Against Cruise Lines

U.N. Chief Warns Pandemic May Set Back Global Economy by “Decades”

Trump administration orders hospitals to send coronavirus data to Washington, not the CDC

Trump Administration Strips C.D.C. of Control of Coronavirus Data

Coronavirus hospital data will now be sent to Trump administration instead of CDC

If you aren’t filled with rage at Trump, you aren’t paying attention

COVID-19 spreads though Bolivia’s political elite; looms over election

Four South Bay Trader Joe’s workers test positive for the coronavirus

Four workers at San Jose Trader Joe’s test positive for coronavirus – East Bay Times

Masks offer much more protection against coronavirus than many think

2 Stylists Had Coronavirus, but Wore Masks. 139 Clients Didn’t Fall Sick.

The Maldives is now open to all global tourists. Here’s how they’re doing it

What’s an R0? Everything to know about the most important coronavirus indicator

Trio tied to U.S. military lied about Japan travel plans, then tested positive for COVID-19

Kono draws attention to ‘problems’ with U.S. military response to Okinawa base outbreaks

Scott Morrison says Australia cannot shut down to contain second wave of Covid-19

COVID-19 Cases Confirmed on Two U.S.-Flagged Ships -Hapag-Lloyd

COVID-19 Is Killing Oil Workers at an Unparalleled Pace in Mexico

Trump Is Donating Ventilators to Countries That Don’t Need or Can’t Use Them

White House instructing governors to send National Guard to hospitals to oversee data on COVID-19

Virus review: First COVID-19 vaccine tested in US poised for final testing

707 new COVID-19 cases in Illinois

First COVID-19 vaccine tested in US poised for final testing

First COVID-19 vaccine tested in US poised for final testing AP

California shuts down businesses, schools as coronavirus outbreak grows

What to Make of Research Suggesting Immunity to Covid-19 Is Short-Lived

Missouri breaks record for daily COVID-19 cases for third time in eight days

Best Buy will require customers to wear masks in its stores

Ginsburg hospitalized with possible infection

Magaluf main strip shut down after outcry over drunk and maskless tourists

Video of drunken Brits maskless in Magaluf appals Spaniards