News and other Things I’ve found interesting July 17th 2020

May not have a roof over my head in 2 weeks. But on plus side bike may finally get fixed. And I have made it to another Friday – so I guess that is a positive – especially considering how I have been feeling past few months.

Jamis Coda Sport derailleur bent

Illinois State Bowling Proprietors Association sues Pritzker over business restrictions

Massive waves in Australia draw surfers as beachgoers are sent running

Spirit Airlines employees battered in attack over delayed flight

Banksy Tube graffiti: Cleaners ‘unaware it was by artist’

Banksy: New coronavirus-inspired artwork appears on Tube

Twitter: No evidence hackers accessed user passwords

Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others hijacked to promote crypto scam

New BlackRock Android malware can steal passwords and card data from 337 apps

Diebold Nixdorf warns of a new class of ATM ‘black box’ attacks across Europe

Iranian cyberspies leave training videos exposed online

DHS CISA tells government agencies to patch Windows Server DNS bug within 24h

Chinese state hackers target Hong Kong Catholic Church

Maskless Starbucks ‘Karen’ wants half of $100K raised for barista who wouldn’t serve her

Kroger, Walmart, Best Buy and other big retailers are making masks mandatory

Fish habitats help Lake Decatur fish to grow, attract more visitors to city

Dairy Queen ‘Karen’ goes off on customer who asks her to wear mask

Granted they were in wrong. But he did not set greatest example for his children.

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols secretly recorded in hotel room in creepy sabotage attempt

Tesla to expand service center presence as production rises

This expansion has been ongoing for awhile now as far as I’m aware.

Coronavirus: Face masks on public transport – one month on

Caltrain faces complete shutdown after SF supes fail to support tax measure

Bad news: Your Cisco switch is a fake and an update borked it. Good news: It wasn’t designed to spy on you

EU court ruling puts pressure on US to reform surveillance laws

Elizabeth Warren wants answers on Facebook’s fact-checking loophole

Top Amazon and Microsoft cloud partners say customers have gone dark and deals have fallen through

Qld agencies told to review public datasets after de-identification lapses

Greenpeace rolls out 32m banner in the centre of Brussels

Durex condom sales are slumping as ‘intimate occasions’ disappear during the coronavirus pandemic

Condom sales down as lockdown limits sex lives, says Durex maker

Will Single People Ever Have Sex Again?

AI-powered sex robots are selling well during lockdown

LGBTQ candidates run for office in record numbers in the U.S.

Mary Trump’s memoir sells 950,000 on first day, setting a record for publisher

Coronavirus: Russian spies target Covid-19 vaccine research

Russia Accused of Stealing Western Coronavirus Research

Hospitals are still sending in data on COVID-19, but it’s no longer visible outside the White House

Coronavirus data is funneled away from CDC, sparking worries

The scheme to bypass the CDC, send the National Guard to hospitals looks suspicious, because it is

Idaho COVID-19 hospitalization data goes dark under Trump directive, at least for now

Tracking Our COVID-19 Response

Hospitals are running out of staff, supplies, and beds for Covid-19 patients — and this time could be worse

More than half of all states, including California and Michigan, pause reopening or take steps to halt the spread of COVID-19

12 states are pausing reopening over the surge in US coronavirus cases

States Pause Plans to Reopen as Cases Soar

‘There’s no way back after this’: Inside the unexpected tech revolution at the NHS

Youth sports a driver of COVID-19 infections in St. Louis area

As pandemic rages, a few restaurants rethink opening their dining rooms

Missouri breaks record for daily COVID-19 cases for third time in eight days

Georgia’s governor bans local mask-wearing orders, despite surge in coronavirus infections

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp forbids cities, counties from requiring masks as coronavirus surges in the state

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