AT&T EL51203 Cordless Handsets line in use PhonePower

Unfortunately AT&T EL51203 Cordless Handsets still refuses to work properly with PhonePower VOIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ). At first I thought it was an issue with Grandstream HT502 not playing nice with ASUS AC1900 Router. Now I’m leaning more towards I just purchased bad phones from Amazon.

Since I have let issue go for so long. Returning phones is not an option. Honestly I got so aggravated with situation – I just set house phone number to forward to cell.

I have done multiple search engine inquiries. To point of wanting to bash my head against wall. All topics related to AT&T line in use say same things. And most have same forum user just copying and pasting same answer in each of them. They are all mostly related to traditional landline or AT&T U-verse.

I’ve tried unplugging phones and cradles without batteries for over 24 hours. I have tried different phone cords. Have no other phones to test line with.

Router firmware is up to date. Grandstream adapter lights are showing what they should. So I can only assume device is communicating with PhonePower network properly. But I’m not fully ruling out a router setting problem.

No matter what I have done result remains same. Static on phone and cradle blinking line in use. PhonePower support seems to only be over phone. I’m sure they would just jump me through all the hops offered in their various tutorials. Never been able to find an easy way online to request a new adapter. Grandstream HT502 has been in use for a lot of years.

Honestly if I had money I’d just buy a new broadband modem with VOIP option. Then move phone number over to Comcast VOIP. That would have all services under one bill. Cost of service is comparable. Which wasn’t case years ago.

I have been a PhonePower customer for a decade – since September 29, 2009. Became their customer when they took over Broadvox Direct residential customers. Was a Broadvox Direct customer since 2004.

AT&T EL51203 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting, 2 Cordless Handsets, Silver

Ordered on July 5, 2019 Paid $34.95

That is over a year ago at this point.

Honestly I just don’t have time for hardware troubleshooting. If companies can’t design / manufacturer a product that just works nowadays – they shouldn’t be in business.

I should have stuck with using Vtech phones instead of switching to AT&T. Although I’d assume most phone units are made by a limited number of manufacturers and then whatever company is paying for them gets their brand slapped on units. So not sure there is much difference in hardware.

Update 7/27/2020 Problem solved.

Sent in a support request using email on 7/20/2020.

Support got back to me quickly.

It took 7 days for new adapter to arrive.

New device is a Obi302.

As usual had to use Google to find proper PhonePower page for setup guide.

PhonePower website has tons of links to supposedly helpful topics. But unless you use a search engine – using their website is rather cumbersome and aggravating. Their customer login and customer portal has always been slow and laggy.

All that said after getting new adapter running on my network – I now have a house phone for first time in over a year.

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