This website disappears without your support

For past couple of years I have begged and pleaded with readers to please hit that donation text and send even a $1 For past year my life situation has been a living hell. Unfortunately traditional employment has evaded me. The website has survived by skin of it’s teeth and by good graces of Amazon Lightsail not shutting it down yet.

There have been plenty of warnings and late payments. If website goes 21 years of content and my email access goes with it. Making it even harder to gain offline employment.

This website no longer runs Cloudflare Pro. Couldn’t afford $35 a month to support that service. Hosting with 2 email accounts through Lightsail runs $35 a month.

If just half Unique IPs from last month donate just 25 cents. I could make a living have a home and website would easily be paid for.

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CHP ADS Block Detector! broke website

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