CLIENT_UNAUTHORIZED [769] Debian 11 “bullseye” update breaks Amazon Lightsail console

As I mentioned within previous article on this subject – none of the supposed helpful resolutions to this problem have worked. Amazon Lightsail console works perfectly fine under Debian 10 “buster” but provides this error code after updating to Debian 11 “bullseye”.

Error message


I currently have no way to download software to try and login remotely.

Fixed CLIENT_UNAUTHORIZED [769] Debian 11 Amazon Lightsail SSH console

Debian 11 Bullseye Breaks Amazon Lightsail Secure Console

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Solutions below haven’t worked to resolve problem. I have tried several times past 30 days to get things working. Each time I revert back to Debian 10 “buster” from an Amazon Snapshot Instance.

What causes a “CLIENT_UNAUTHORIZED [769]” login error?

Browser-based ssh not working after Debian9 upgrade to Debian10

Solution below not relevant – server time is set properly.

Cannot login to SSH via control panel

Same problem no one even bothered to answer with steps to try to solve it.


This thread doesn’t give enough instructions as to how to implement solution. And it isn’t Debian specific.

lightsail client unauthorized 769

How to fix AWS Lightsail CLIENT_UNAUTHORIZED [769

Haven’t tried hassling with this set of instructions to possibly resolve Lightsail Secure Console login error.

How to Resolve the Permission denied (publickey) Error in Bitnami Lightsail

Can’t SSH to Amazon Lightsail server using browser-based client

Debian — The Universal Operating System

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