Illuminati Motor Works (IMW) “Seven” size compared to Ford Crown Victoria

Illuminati Motor Works (IMW) “Seven” size compared to Ford Crown Victoria

This is part of a video documentary being shot on Illuminati Motor Works Media Day. I’m not sure who to give credit to for this idea. I think the cameraman thought it would be great to roll Seven out of the garage and compare the Automotive X PRIZE prototype to his Ford Crown Victoria. If I remember correctly it was determined that Seven was actually just slightly longer than the Crown Vic. The picture above shows the rolling chassis for the electric car Illuminati Motor Works is building for the Automotive X PRIZE competition.

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  1. Iggy, you are correct. We determined that “Seven” is only about 6 inches longer than the standard police cruiser. Seven measures out at 17.5 ft long, but with 4 wheel steering, maneuverability is greatly enhanced. Also, it was Mario’s idea to set up the side by side comparison.

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