The Bantam Game Mastery Series: Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo! Game Strategies NES Classic

Recently GameSpy did an article stating that the NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System ) game strategy book pictured on the right was the Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Fail. When I read this story this morning I knew that I had this exact book. The only problem was digging through a pile of stuff and inhaling large amounts of dust to find it. After almost breaking an arm because moving stuff blocking my access would have been to much work at four in the morning. I found what I was looking for and then some. GameSpy forgot to mention that the authors published several related books. On the lefthand side of the photo above you can see one example of that. Corey Sandler & Tom Badgett were the authors of both the books in the picture. The copyright for the one on the right is November 1989 for the one on the left it is November 1992. From a quick look on Amazon it would seem both authors are still writing. I’d venture a guess that GameSpy could have just as much fun criticizing the 2nd Edition on the left.

The Bantam Game Mastery Series: Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo! Game Strategies: Winning Strategies For 100 Top Game (Softcover, Bantam Books Version, Nov. 1989 edition, 332 pages) Paperback – 1989

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

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