Criss Angel on the Luxor Las Vegas

Criss Angel on the Luxor Las Vegas

I took this picture earlier this year during my trip to Las Vegas. My accommodations in Vegas were right next door to the Luxor at Excalibur Hotel and Casino. The photo was taken from a sidewalk that leads down to the street. To the left and behind me would be the tram that travels from Mandalay Bay to MGM and all the points in between the two casinos. If you were to look to the right you would see a large parking lot and some world famous locations on the Las Vegas Strip. The large advertisement is a promotion for Criss Angel Believe a show in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil at the Luxor.

Finding the Criss Angel Mindfreak store inside the Luxor could be a chore the first time you go looking for it. You would think it’d be at the front of this huge complex. But in fact it is located in the very back of the Luxor. The store actually seems kind of hidden away. The Luxor Galleria is where you will find the Mindfreak store. It’s a rather desolate place really. Not much people traffic. The few times I ventured this way during my Las Vegas stay it didn’t seem like many visitors made this a stop on their list. Other than the Mindfreak store there is a theater located in this area. The theater door had a sign on it warning about a taping for some show. Around the Mindfreak store you will also see several displays of various motorcycles that have been built for Criss Angel over the years.

If your coming from Excalibur it’s very easy to find the Criss Angel Mindfreak store. All you have to do is venture to the food court area. Keep walking past the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & head for the moving sidewalks that lead to the Luxor. On the last set of moving sidewalks you will see the Mindfreak store on the lefthand side. The theater I spoke about would be on the right side. Also on the left is a small jewelry counter selling what looked to be highend merchandise.

I did not see Criss Angel or any other celebrities during my Las Vegas trip.

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