FBI holds Chicago mobsters over 20 murders

Ever hear of the movie Casino? Well these news articles add to that true life story.


This Martin Scorsese film depicts the Janus-like quality of Las Vegas–it has a glittering, glamorous face, as well as a brutal, cruel one. Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro, mobsters who move to Las Vegas to make their mark, live and work in this paradoxical world. Seen through their eyes, each as a foil to the other, the details of mob involvement in the casinos of the 1970's and '80's are revealed. Ace is the smooth operator of the Tangiers casino, while Nicky is his boyhood friend and tough strongman, robbing and shaking down the locals. However, they each have a tragic flaw–Ace falls in love with a hustler, Ginger, and Nicky falls into an ever-deepening spiral of drugs and violence.

When Frank Calabrese Sr., Chicago's most notorious loan shark, was in prison with his son Frank Jr., he spilled some Outfit secrets. Secrets involving details of mob murders, law enforcement sources said. Secrets that Frank Calabrese Sr. never should have uttered once the deadly deeds were done, according to Outfit code. Secrets that were caught on tape.

Doing the taping was Frank Calabrese Jr., who put his life on the line by wearing a listening device while in prison to help build a case against his father.

Mob on the ropes after indictment

The alleged murders include the June 1986 hit on Tony “The Ant'' Spilotro, the mob's man in Las Vegas for two decades. He and his brother, Michael, were beaten to death and buried in a cornfield. The case became the focus of the 1995 Martin Scorsese movie “Casino,'' in which Joe Pesci played a character based on Tony Spilotro.

Feds Indict 11 Reputed Chicago Mob Figures

Fed crackdown may put Outfit on life support

Among the most notorious slayings authorities say they now have solved: the 1986 death of Tony “The Ant” Spilotro, the organization's chief enforcer in Las Vegas, and his brother, Michael, whose bodies were found in a cornfield in Enos, Ind., 120 miles northwest of Indianapolis in Indiana's Newton County. (Joe Pesci portrayed a character based on Tony Spilotro in the 1995 movie “Casino.”)

14 reputed mobsters indicted in Chicago


Reputed mob leaders linked to murder plots

FBI indicts 14 reputed mob figures

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US indicts reputed Chicago-area mob figures

Arizonans, 12 others indicted in mob hits stretching back decades

Cats and cocktails stand out among memories of 'reputed mob boss

Attorney plays the `mob card' in defense of murder suspect Rudin

Before there was ever a Tony Soprano – or a Don Corleone for that matter – there was Rico xxx

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It's been an interesting few months for true story movie gangsters. Henry Hill whose story is told in the movie Goodfellas. Is most likely on his way back to jail. 

Iggyz Weekly News 4-5-05 news.iggyz.com

Henry Hill appears to be in trouble again. The former mobster allegedly tried to start a fight in Scorez Sports Bar Sunday, according to police reports. Hill, 61, 1402 S. Jeffers No. 218, was charged in Lincoln County Court Monday with second-degree trespassing, third-degree assault and disturbing the peace. It is the latest in a long string of charges against Hill. Hill was a gangster with a Mob crime family in New York. He ultimately testified against fellow gang members, served time in prison, and entered the Federal Witness Protection Program to save himself from paid killers. Hill was the subject of Martin Scorsese's film, “GoodFellas”. Hill works at the Firefly Restaurant and lives at the Royal Colonial Inn where Scorez Sports Bar is located. His journey from mobster to menu advisor was the subject of a feature story in The Telegraph in January, and has been the subject of numerous newspaper stories and TV features since.

03-29-2005 – Henry Hill charged with more offenses

Goodfella Henry Hill In Drug Bust – March 21, 2005

'GoodFellas' inspiration charged with drug possession – Mar 19, 2005

'Goodfellas' mobster Henry Hill arrested in Nebraska


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