Smart Car Days Inn Springfield Illinois

Smart Car Days Inn Springfield Illinois

There seem to be more and more Smart Cars in our area. Used to be this was a hard to find car in our neck of the woods. Now they seem to be everywhere. Years ago we were one of the first to purchase a Chevrolet Aveo. You would never see anyone else driving that model. Now just like the Smart Car you see them all over the place. The day after I took this picture we were in the same area again. The Smart Car above was still parked there. I’m not sure if it is owned by a guest or an employee. According to the license plate holder the Smart above was purchased from Smart Center Indianapolis. The Smart gets only slightly better gas mileage than the Aveo for around the same purchase price. Although the Aveo is a larger vehicle.

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Smart Car Springfield Illinois

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Update 7/16/2009

I can confirm that this same car was in the exact same spot around 2:30 AM this morning. So my guess is still one of several things. It is an employee, a long term guest or maybe the car hasn’t moved at all because it needs mechanical work. All I know is I have yet to be in that area and not see the car in the same parking spot.